HPV and preventing CC recurrence??

Hi ladies! Sorry if this is going to sound like a silly question but the last couple of days I’ve been worrying about how I’ve developed CC…I know its a little late to be questioning the whys and what fors etc but as my surgery date fast approaches I’m really trying to get everything set in my mind before the next major step on this rollercoaster of a journey!! While I know I have stage 1b1 CC, no-one has ever mentioned to me about HPV and what strain I am likely to have/have had? Does anyone know if HPV stays in your body after infection? How long does it stay for? Am I likely to always carry the HPV virus? Can my body eventually fight it off? What can I do to ensure my body fights it as best it can? Is it likely to have been dormant in my system for years, perhaps woken up by pregnancy? Im a little worried I guess that I will go through all this major surgery only for it to come back or another type of cancer will pop up because I have HPV! Any help or advice on this would be a huge help, thanks so much ladies xx

Hi, I worried the same as you. I think there's a lot they still don't understand about hpv but seems it can lay doormant and flare up when you are run down. I was advised to try and keep a good strong immune system so eat well lots of fruit and veg and garlic too, sleep well, reduce stress, take multivitamin with folic acid, drink green tea and definitely don't smoke. I personally also stopped taking the mini pill as I didn't want anything artificial messing with hormones but I understand not everyone can do that. I had 1a1 cancer removed 2 years ago and so far so good x

Libby this is really helpful - Mrs M I also found myself worrying about this recently as well.

I haven't been told anything about HPV, the strain etc - presumably we must have it! xx

Yeah I agree with Rachel, this is super helpful and so glad its not just be wondering about this! I will make a note to ask my doc or nurse when having treatment, as I fully plan to make a few lifestyle changes after all this!! Thanks ladies xx

Hi ladies 

I am worrying also about being inmate with my husband. I am afaird that it will make my cancer come back. Also woundering if we should use protrction now or what can anyone help me with this.:-)