HPV and chemoradiation

Can't seem to find an answer on the Internet.... anyone know if the HPV is killed by radiotherapy and or chemo? They say that nearly all cc is caused by it and there is no cure for it but surely the radiation would kill it if it stays localised?

Also, if I did get cc from HPV does that mean my husband has it and could pass it back to me?? Confused.com!


Not sure about chemo radiation but in regards to husband passing it back to you that's on my list of questions to ask at my appointment tomorrow so I'll let you know!

Thank you :)

I'm interested to know this too please. I read somewhere that there is evidence that the hpv vaccine can work even if you are over 25 and already had virus research is being doing the virus. I'm just wondering has anyone else heard this? Xx 

I asked about whether it can be passed back from partner and she didn't know so I suppose that means it's possible. In the majority of cases though the guys body would clear the hpv on its own. Xx

I've not had any chemo radiation but I asked my consultant about this prior to my trachelectomy. He said that it was possible my partner had it and in theory he could give it back to me again but he basically just said don't even bother wasting time thinking about it because there's nothing that can be done about it. In his words if you go into tesco pretty much 8 out of every 10 you walk past have got hpv or had it recently....by boyfriend asked him what about in waitrose!!!! Lol!! It worries me too but I figure if you want sex or any kind of sexual contact them you're at risk...it's just bad luck it turned nasty the first time I suppose! Xx

Lol sarah85! Your bf is funny. 

I have read that once you have been infected with a strain of hpv, you can't be infected by that type again. So that gives me a little comfort.

Anyone else read or been told that?

I'm interested in this too. My tests were coming back with the High risk HPV (not 16&18) for 3 years now. I'm stage 1B1 with my lesion, but hoping having a radical hysterectomy and pelvic lymph node removal operation soon, will prevent any site of amother primary or recurrence happening if I did become reinfected.



We had a great talk from an HPV expert at Jo's Trust Let's Meeet at the weekend. Yes your partner can keep passing it back and forward BUT the vast majority of people will clear the infection from our system. So if you look at it like the cold virus, you can keep getting colds and they dont cause any major issues. Just because the HPV infection caused problems first time around it does not mean the next time you get it you wont be able to clear it from your system without any long term effects. The only true way to not become reinfected with HPV is to never have any sexual contact ever again with anyone and that is just not realistic. 

My story would point to me having a persistent HPV infection which my body cannot shift however I am in a minority and most post CC girls can and do clear subsequent HPV infections.