High Risk HPV very worried as i want kids and only 20

Hi im only 20 and paid for a prviate smear as i was having pains and down my leg too so i was worried all my bloods come back fine so i paid for a smear as you have to be 25 where im from. My results come back that i have 3 high risk types of hpv...i didnt know if it was normal for them to detect more than one type of the virus? there are no cell changes and they said to go back in a year but im so so so scared incase my body doesnt get rid of it and ive read it can lay dormant? what if i want kids? can that effect my chances? if i do get pregnant later on will the hpv flare up and turn cancerious? im so scared i love my life and i want a long happy healthy one i have a boyfriend we broke up for 3 months and have been back together for nearly a year so im hoping that itll go on its own as we wont be with anybody else but my family and him dont really understand my worry. and i dont know if we can have sex will that effect my chances of clearing it? will we just keep infecting eachother? ive tried speaking to my doctor but she just doesnt give me much information i feel so alone.

Hi Heather, 

I have two strains of HPV that I know about, one was identfied a a few years ago manifesting as skin tags that I had removed at a sexual health clinic, i was told there that the cause of these was HPV. and the second that was detected in my smear test this strain is a different type than the one that caused my bumps (so the drs tell me) 

I went on google when I got home to educate myself on what this was and how I could FIX it ! I quickly got very scared and nervous just as you are feeling now. Let me assure you how ever I am much more positive about it now :)

let me start by saying Its alot more common than you think recent reserach suggests 80 percent of people have this as a dormant or active virus. 

Although HPV does contribute to a large percentage of cervical cancer cases, not everyone who has HPV will go on to develop cancer, not by a long way. 

There are things we can do to look after ourselves and help fight the infection, eating a healthy diet, staying active and safe sex etc. There is also some recent reserach to suggest that AHCC and vitamin C can be used a suppliments to asisst your immune system in fighting the virus. 

I have found no credible evidence online that HPV itself can affect fertility. 

Cervical cancer in most cases is an incredibley slow process that can take years from abnormal cells to a cancer diagnosis, keeping up with your smears and all relevant secondary apts will keep you and the drs in the know regarding your cervical health and you are much more likely to catch it developing and be able to have treatment to stop its progression (if it  ever comes to that). 

Personally I when I started taking AHCC and VIT C and generally improving my diet I asked my boyfriend to do this with me so that we werent passing it back and fourth to eachother - im not sure the science behind this but what have we got to loose! 

I have since had a coloposcopy and am currently awaiting the results. 

in terms of your other symptoms I can understand why you are nervous - but you are in safe hands just continue to go to your apts and live a healthy life style. 

It is great news that no cell changes have been detected, this can happen as a result of HPV so that is very positive news !! you are young and likely to fight this thing, give yourself the best chance by looking after yourself.


Take care 




Hi Heather, I've just found out I have HPV. I don't know what strain but I've had it for at least 8 years so I'm guessing it could be high risk. I have not yet had any abnormal smear results and I've had two healthy children so it hasn't had any effect on my fertility 

Hiya, just because you have had HPV for 8 years doesn't mean it's necessarily high risk hun. Sometimes you have a low strain of it and it just lies dormant in your body until something sets it off. Chances are that your HPV is low risk cos after 8 years if it wasn't it would have already developed into something much worse.