HPV - does it get destroyed by radiotherapy?

Hi, I wonder if anyone can help with my questions about HPV?  I don't know if HPV caused my cervical cancer or not as this question never came up but I wonder if chemotherapy, external radiotherapy and brachytherapy destroys this virus.  I've been clear for two years but I worry that, if I do have HPV and the treatment didn't clear it, will this mean that I have more chance of recurrence?  Also, now that I can no longer have smear tests, does this mean that I also can't find out whether or not I have HPV?  I find it all very confusing.  Hope someone can help.  Thanks.

Fantastic news, I hope you stay clear.  I have the same question as my mom found a trial drug that cures hpv (rather than just preventing it). They’re still testing it so it’s a few years down the line yet but I’m seeing my oncologist on Thursday and it was one of the questions I was going to ask him. If you’ve not had a response by then I’ll let you know what he says :). 

Thanks for your reply.  That sounds interesting.  Yes, please do post again when you've talked to your oncologist about this. :-)

Hi guys 

i spoke to my consultant today and yes, humphreya is right,  the virus will still be there.  depending on my latest news my consultant is thinking of getting me on the trial drug (im not out of the woods yet so its too soon to be planning that so im not sure if he meant while its still on trial or as and when it becomes an established treatment)  

but as humphreya says you should continue to be monitered and it would be worth asking specifically about it at your next checkup? that might help put your mind at ease :-) 

Can anyone tell me what the trial drug was please - Thank you in advance

I’m also curious, my doctor prescribed me 3 rounds of gardasil over the next few months, as she said that there’s a chance that after chemo/rads, the vaccine can clear it, but I haven’t heard of that anywhere else.