HPV Positive and Low Grade Dyskaryosis/ Upcoming Colposcopy

Hello Everyone,

I Was Invited To A Smear Test Late Last Year In Which I Did & The Results Came Back Not What I Expected & Knowing How Coward I Am I Can’t Lie That I’m Silently Freaking Out.

Results Came Back HPV Positive However, I Wasnt Informed Of The Strain & I Also Had Abnormal Cell Changes “Low Grade Dyskaryosis”…They Also Booked Me In For A Colposcopy Which Would Be Early Feb Gods Will. To Be Totally Honest Everything’ I See On Google Screams Cancer & I Ammmmm Moree Than Worried, More Than Scared, I Feeel Alone & I Just Neeed Atleast Other Peoples Experiences On What To Expect Though Each Of Us Are Different & May Experience Different Results With Similar Situation…I Need An Ounce Of Reassurance.

Hi @Majesteigh

Dr Google really is not your friend in situations like this, he will cause you more worry than necassary lol if you are UK based the NHS dont test for individual strains so its unlikely they would be able to tell you

Low grade smears usually mean that you should expect CIN1, this grade isnt seen as a true precancer unless it persists and most often than not it does go away on its own, mostly this grade will be monitored rather than treated… moderate is usually CIN2, it has a high chance of regression but is seen as more of a risk and severe normally means the cells could be CIN3… CIN3 is seen as a true precancer and a direct precurser, this is normally treated unless other things like pregnancy, personal choice etc factors in to the decision as the next progression step is CC

Low grade changes are so far away from CC, although your smear is abnormal it doesnt indicate that you have cancer or that they would find cancer at your appointment

Ive had 2 colposcopies and i honestly found my smears worse… smears will indicate what grade the cells are rather than diagnose them the only way to accurately do this is by taking a biopsy… if the colposcopist feels the colposcopy doesnt match the smear result and the cells look higher than low grade/CIN1 they will either treat the area there and then (they call this the ‘see and treat’ method) or they will take a biopsy first to confirm the grade and offer treatment at a later date if its necassary… if they need to take a biopsy they usually numb the area with a local so epect a sharp pinch for a second or two…

Please try to remember you arnt alone in this, its alot easier said than done but try to stay positive :purple_heart: xx


This Really Helped & Thank You Soo Kindly, Yes Uk Based…Hopefully Evrything Goes Well…

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