Colposcopy booked

Hi everyone!

Im a newbie on here as I've just had my first ever smear and have had a letter telling me i have low grade dyskaryosis and evidence of HPV infection but no mention of low or high risk? I have my colposcopy appointment booked for the 14th August which has panicked me a little as it's less than a week away so makes me feel it's something bad?

Has anybody else had this?

Thanks in advance!

Jodie x 

Very normal Hun, I was in after a week! They don't mess around when it comes to this! We are all here if you need to talk xxx

Hi Jodie

Lots of ladies in the same position and it's always scary when you're called in for a colopscopy (I totally panicked). It basically means that they need to take a further look to be on the safe side and check if theres any abnormalities that might require treatment. Very often they'll look and say you just need to go back in 6 months for another check-up. Even if you do need treatment that can often be done there and then. By the sounds of things, I don't think low grade dyskaryosis usually requires treatment, well that was the case for me 6 months ago. I believe that HPV 16 and 18 are the high risk strains, but you could always ask which you have when you go back for your appointment. Wishing you the best of luck and hopefully it will all go well xXx

Aug 2013 - turned 25, clear smear result
Jan 2015 - smear taken as part of routine 'full body' health check-up - results show HPV 16 high risk, and CIN 1 confirmed
Jan 2015 - colposcopy, CIN 2 confirmed, biopsy taken - results inconclusive, return in 6 months for another colposcopy
July 2015 - 6 mth repeat colposcopy - abnormal cells seen, biopsy taken, and smear
July 2015 - smear results show HPV 16 moderate changes, biopsy result inconclusive (again) - lletz carried out. 
July 2015 - Lletz results showed CIN 1, removed with clear margins. Check-up smear in 6 months. 

Thank you both for your replies :) were you told what grade of HPV you had at are colposcopy appointment or were you not told until you got your results? What worries me is that I had the HPV jab at school yet I have still contracted it? Has anybody else had this? Xx 

Hi Jodie,

I don't think that they would mention the HPV in your letter, unless it was one of the high risk types. My letter didn't say, just "borderline changes and  high risk HPV", but the doctor who did my colposcopy was very good at explaining everything and she showed me the full results back from the smear, which said it was HPV16.

If you ask them at the colposcopy, I'm sure they will be able to tell you.

I can't comment on getting HPV after the jab .... I am waaaay too old for that (44)! Lol!

x x

Hi moggsy

Thank you for your reply :) yeah that is what my letter said... I show evidence of HPV but no more information about it. I will ask them tomorrow like you suggest :)

haha that is not old at all! it was first introduced when I was at school so we were the first lot to have it! But as I say doesn't seem to have made much of a difference unfortunately! Xxx