Thanks to all the ladies and Q about HPV

First of all a huge thank you to Jo’s Trust for setting up this forum and for all the answers I’ve got already trawling through the different posts. I had a letter on Monday saying I had abnormal cells and that an appointment had been booked for a colposcopy. There was a leaflet about the procedure but no extra info about my own results. This got me in a panic because I began to think the worst and assume it must be cancer! It was only by looking on here that I was able to find out about what ‘abnormal’ might mean and that letters don’t always give any more details.

Today I received a secondary letter, this time from NhS England, rather than the hospital, explaining I had low grade dyskaryosis and high grade HPV. Thankfully all I’d read on here meant this made sense. I am annoyed that the other letter came first and that I spent two days not knowing if it was low or high grade.

However my question is if it’s low grade dyskaryosis does this mean it won’t be anything worse than CIN1? And what does ‘high risk HPV’ mean if your body naturally gets rid of the virus? Ie why do I need a colposcopy (which I’m dreading - my smear was incredibly painful and somewhat embarrassing and it appears this procedure takes longer)? Any answers welcome.

This was my third smear. The first was fine. The second was uncomfortable but came back negative, the most recent was very uncomfortable and she had to use a smaller speculum and said my cervix dipped down. I do have pain after sex sometimes and get a pain in my lower back, mainly around my period.

Thanks in advance!

Hi lovely,

Even though your smear was low grade you need a colposcopy as they don't always correlate & it's important that they take a look & make sure all is ok. My smears have always shown mild dyskaryosis but I've had CIN 2. 

There are many different strains of HPV & some are fou more frequently in cases of cervical cancer. These ones are termed high risk. It just means they need to keep a closer eye on you but, as you say, your body could very well clear it by itself. 

I have had many colposcopies & I want to reassure you that they're not that bad! My cervix is off to one side & they always grumble & it can be a little uncomfortable but the more you can relax the easier it is. Can you bring someone with you to the appointment?

Hope it all goes well for you lovely. 

Belle xx

Thanks so much for replying Belle. Yes, my boyfriend is coming with me. I'm sure he's loved hearing so much about cervical issues this week! 

Thanks for the reassurance about the colopscopy. I think I'm just nervous because the smear was so uncomfortable but I know relaxation is the key!

H x