Is high grade (severe) dyskaryosis pre cancerous cells and CIN3?

Hi all

After putting my smear test off for almost 2 years I eventually got round to getting it done. For me it was more the fear of a bad result rather than the procedure as daft as that sounds.

I received my results yesterday and I have tested positive for HPV and also high grade (severe) dyskaryosis.

I am absolutely past my self I'm trying not to worry but I just keep thinking of the worst. 

How long should it be before I get my colposcopy appointment?

Does high grade (severe) dyskaryosis mean CIN3 and that it is pre cancerous? And what are the chances of this actually turning out to be cancer?

I have lower back pain quite often and did go to the doctors about this last year but they didn't say it could be in relation to cancer, just checked my blood and urine.

Thanks in advance.

Hi jlm,


Really sorry to hear you're so worried. It's such a confusing time. I had the same text written when I received my smear results letter.


I'm not a medical professional, but from what I understand most areas have a two week turn around from results day to colposcopy appointment. 


My results letter was dated 18th Jan, my colposcopy letter was dated 19th Jan but didn't arrive until 25th Jan and my colposcopy appointment was the next day. 


Apperantly covid is really slowing down the letters getting out. On that basis, I wouldn't feel bad about giving your colposcopy clinic a call tomorrow and asking if they know if you've been allocated an appointment yet. 


At least then you'll be able to have an idea of your areas waiting times. 


I have seen other ladies stories on here who have had similar results and had to wait a good couple of months too. So rather than guess, it's probably easiest and less worrying to give them a call.


Sending you hugs xx

Thank you for replying! I think I will give them a ring. I'm absolutely past my self convinced it is going to be bad news.

Could they tell you there and then what they could see during the colposcopy? 

Also I'm assuming due to covid you can't have anyone with you?

Thanks xx


I had my colopscopy appointment a few weeks after the smear when they could fit me in but they phoned me to tell me about my appointment time straight away - I'm in the UK. I couldn't take anyone with me due to covid so ended up chatting to other people in the waiting room to calm my nerves 

Thank you for that. I am going to ring them today, I know there is delays with the royal mail so worried it will be delayed if they are sending by post. 

How did you find the colposcopy and lletz? Did they offer to do the lletz there and then?

Hope your results are all ok when you get them.


I phoned them up and got an appointment got 9am tomorrow morning. I requested a female but there is no appointments with a female for the next two weeks and I need to be seen.

This has made my anxiety 100 times worse.

She also told me not to worry as on my notes it doesn't suggest there is any sign of cancer but there is pre cancerous cells. Although this does calm me down a little bit I'm not oblivious to the fact they could still find something.

I feel sick with nerves but at least I don't have to wait long.



Hi Jlm, 


I'm so pleased you got in tomorrow. I've seen many ladies stories suggesting having a male consultant is better because they appear to be more gentle. I suppose it's mainly all down to who you get rather than their sex though. 


You'll have a lovely nurse in with you too who will keep you calm and chatting. 


Remember you can take in a list of questions and ask them too. I did (you can see mine on my thread). 


One of the questions I asked was, whether the consultant would tell me there and then if they could see cancer. She said yes, but seemed quite taken aback by the question which left me unsure as to whether she would. I've seen some people whose consultants have told them there and then though on this forum. 


I detailed a step by step account if what happened during my colposcopy, which included a LLETZ and diathermy ablation there and then on my back story. 


I hope it helps to make you feel more at ease about tomorrow xxx



Thank you I've had a look that was really helpful! I just can't believe how worked up im getting over it when I know it will be over before I know it. It's just the unknown I think especially incase the find something is seriously wrong down there.

Fingers crossed all goes well


Good luck for tomorrow! So they were going to do the Lletz treatment the same day but as I was just getting over an abortion my body needed to wait a few weeks. They can't always tell it's cancer from the colopscopy no but try not to worry. I had severe changes from my smear, when I went to my colopscopy they explained this was CIN3 which is the pre-cancerous stage. Then during the examination they showed me on a screen my cells from the camera they had that end which was strangely interesting. From this they said it looked like CIN3 but they can't know it's not cancer until it is tested. So I had my lletz 4 weeks ago and now waiting for those results. For me I'm just glad that I'm in the process of removing the bad cells, I actually feel a lot better than I did before the lletz as it's a relief it's getting dealt with! 

I hope this helps you a little. 

Thank you for that. 

My colposcopy wasn't too bad slightly uncomfortable but no pain. He thinks its probably going to show CIN2 but my results from the biopsy should be back in two weeks. 

I was very anxious but the doctor was really good and the nurse was there talking to me trying to calm me down.

He made me cough then took the biopsy, It wasn't painful and I am feeling so much better now it is done.

If they biopsy comes back and confirms I need treatment the doctor has said whatever the treatment is it will be done under general anaesthetic as I was a nervous wreck and it's probably for the best. So I'm happy!

Hope you get a clear result! 


Hi jlm, 


I'm so pleased that you had such a positive experience with the people that were supporting you. From what I've read not all consultants are as kind and reassuring. 


Thinking of you lovely and wishing you a speedy recovery ???

Hi. Glad to hear your appointment went as well as it could have. I had mine today and I'n nervously waiting next results, hoping it wont be 4 weeks