Severe dyskaryosis and colposcopy!

Hi not sure if I’m in the right place or not, 

i had my smear around 9-10days ago, yesterday the 

Doctors rang me to go in, the hospital rang my drs soon as they had the results, found out I have severe dyskaryosis and high HPV and that I have a colposcopy booked for Monday, that’s only 3days from the hospital getting my results to me going in, I’m so scared because why is my colposcopy booked so quick? I asked the lady on the phone but somehow I managed to get through to the place that actually tests your sample not any one medical, 

does the LOOP ( think that’s what she said) hurt? She said I will need it removing either Monday all being well or be booked in for the Tuesday, everything just seems so rushed,

im so scared in case it turns out to be bad. 

Ive Googled which I know I shouldn’t and now I’m panicking.

Feel so sorry for you getting so anxious.  I received a letter some years back saying I had an abnormal smear test result and I really panicked too,  Was booked to go to clinic where everyone was so nice.  I had a treatment to remove the cells and all was well.  The area was basically anaesthetised to numb it.  You are in such safe hands there.  Remember they have to get any treatments organised and done at quick as possible for patients. I totally understand how scary it feels.  I had to keep reminding myself its best to get in ther quick to get any changes removed. Hope you are coping okay.

Hi Critch,

I know it’s terrifying when the dr calls you and then appointments are so quick. The NHS timescale is about max two week wait for CIN 2/3 for colposcopy after smear. I had CIN one, then colposcopy but turned out higher when I went in so had leetz. Now smear showed CIN 3, had leetz again but results showed CIN 2, then at follow up smear 6 months later at test of cure it’s come back as high grade hpv With abnormalities. i went for my colposcopy on Wednesday where they didn’t do leetz again as they want to peserve my cervix so just had 2 biopsies taken To see if I need treatment or if they can leave me for 12 months. Hysterectomy was now the waiting game.

leetz is uncomfortable but you will be fine, I remember my legs shaking and it helped me having my boyfriend in with me for the whole thing ( yep he’s a good one). Do take it easy afterwards though. After about a month i went back to the gym and started bleeding again. Listen to your body and rest.

I’m now looking in to getting gardasin 9...the hpv immunisation. It’s not available on the nhs after 26 but you can pay privately. Boots offer it. My colposopist said it could offer some protection even though I’m 46. 

i hope all goes well.



Thank you for the replies, I’m booked in for 1clock tomorrow and I feel sick at the thought, I’m hoping they have it all totally wrong and there’s no issues. Where your smears before your bad one ( sorry can’t think how to word that better) normal?my last one was around 2 and half years ago and was normal no issues 

Just wanted to write and see how everything went for you? It must be scary having it all happen so quickly. I had my smear results Thursday just gone of severe Dyskariosis. I had a letter today and my colposcopy isn’t until 14th of Feb. I’ve been having some symptoms and was worrying myself sick before I even had my smear test (then over a 2 week wait for my results) so now another 16 day wait seems impossible to get through when I’m questioning every ache an pain. 


Really hope your colposcopy went ok. 

Just wanted to say it’s normal to feel like this waiting for your colposcopy. I drove myself insane worrying and I found the waiting actually the hardest. Once I’d been for my colposcopy  felt better (even though I needed further treatment). The waiting is so difficult. I convinced myself I had a million new aches and pains. Try not to worry and don’t google too much. You’re in the system to be seen now and 2 weeks really isn’t that long x

So I had the loop/leetz she took quite a lot away and said to me she couldn’t tell if it looked cancerous or not so I need to wait for my result, that didn’t help me any. I set off crying as she was doing the procedure and couldn’t stop shaking, I’ve been really achy since but now for the long wait for the results! Thank you for all the replies, can severe dyskaryosis and high HPV to cancer? Or was she just saying that on the off chance it is so I don’t go mad if it is? If that makes sense?

Just thought I’d update for anyone reading this’s later date, I got my loop diathermy results and it was high grade precancerous cells but they removed it all and I just have to go for a smear in 6months And test for HPV cure, try not to panic it’s not always bad news x