Overdue Smear - came back High Grade Dyskaryosis - CIN3 Grade 4????



So I wrote a really long post in great detail but for some reason I can't post i?

I will try to add it but quickly putting the basics in now so you don't think I've created a weird blank post.  Basically I've just had my second smear which was overdue by 5 years as I got the fear after my first one. Daft I know.   My results have just come back as High Grade and I'm absolutely beside myself, certain that I've got cc and that its spread and I'm beyond help.

Dramatic I knowEmbarassed 


Ive got my colposcopy in 9 days and I'm really scared but just want to get it done and more answers.

Any advice or help is really really appreciated especially if you have been in a similar situation where you were overdue on your smear too.


Thanks everyone for reading and looking forward to talking to you all on this lovely forum x

Hi, I can't offer much help I'm afraid but just wanted to let you know I'm in exavtly the same boat. My smear was overdue and it came back HPV + and severe dyskaryosis. I'm backwards and forwards with my emotions. One minute convincing myself I'm being silly the next convinced I won't be hear this time next year! 


im just trying to stay as positive as possible and tell myself there is no point in worrying about what might never happen. My colposcopy is on wednesday when is yours?



Hi Icklede!

Thanks for the reply & support- the same back to you Hun :) My appointment is a week on Tuesday at 9am. I'm glad it's a morning appointment to

get it over with and mot waiting all day. I'm up and down too, I'm up at the moment and hope I can keep it like that til my appointment x



I am living abroad right now and so I need to find the money to get it paid for. NHS all is forgiven :(

please let me know your results and I'm praying for you both to have good news



You to Chesca. I'm feeling positive most of the time now. So sending some positive vibes your way. Hope you've both got good support from home. I've only told my other half so I can chat to someone. Don't want to worry anyone else by mentioning it now.

Same to you Chesca - hope you get it sorted out ok, NHS do have some benefits I agree on that.

i will update you both, please Icklede let me know how you get on this week I wish mine was this week not next week :( It's my boyfriends 40th next Sunday and this is going to be hanging over the party so much..... Am going to try and not let it ruin the good time though it is hard as you know.

My mum knows I've been referred as the letter went to her house - she was referred for HPV abnormalities in December and when she went there wasn't anything which was obviously fantastic. My closest friend at work knows and my boyfriend but that's it. I've booked the day of the colposcopy off work and the next day provisionally incase I need it.X

I will definately let you know. 

Thats great that they found nothing when your mum went. I'm pretty much convinced with me having severe dyskaryosis though that this won't happen....but you never know!

also it must be good that you have your mum who obviously must know what your going through. When I told my other half he didn't even know what a smear was bless him! Though he has now read all the leaflets sent with my letter and is fully informed. 

I've just rung the doctors to ask the grade for my smear and have been told it's Grade 4?

Now I'm totally freaking out as I haven't read a grade 4? The one thing found on the Internet (yes I know I shouldn't be googling) but the only thing I found on the internet is that grade 4 means it's spread to other organs? Help, advice would be really really appreciated. 

Im at work at the moment and just want to cry and cry and cry X


Emmsyluv – Please do not worry….What you have read on the internet refers to staging of cc by the sounds of it and this can not be determined from a smear so please put that out of your head. I have never heard of a grade 4 smear, did you just speak to the receptionist? I think you should ask for a phone call from a GP…I requested one after receiving my letter and it helped me a little. It’s worth remembering that a smear is only an indicator changes and doesn’t necessarily mean changes are as severe as the smear suggests….This happened to me. Being at work during this time you’re going through was terrible for me…I just want to give you a big hug! xx


Hi - I've had exactly the same outcome after my second smear and have my colposcopy on Wednesday. Easier said than done, but try not to worry! I've really put myself through the ringer like you and got myself into a right state last week - convinced I was a gonner etc - but am feeling fine now and truthfully I think that is because I've looked up nothing for the past few days! Seriously, try to stay off Google and even other parts of this site, though it is helpful other sections of it will do nothing but make you think the worst. As Vicky suggests, really worth talking to your GP or nurse who took the smear... I spoke with my nurse on Thursday when I got very upset and frightened; she made me feel so much better for it - my results came back as just 'High Grade dyskaryosis' but she could see it was in the moderate category (so probably CIN2, but could be down or upgraded as far as I understand it as they don't test for HPV if it is 'high grade' so could be CIN1 and HPV+ ). 

Also, it may be worth speaking to a few more female friends if you are comfortable doing that - the amount of mine who have said "oh that happened to me" really puts it into perspective how common abnormal results are (the letter I got from my colposcopy clinic said 1 in 12!) 




I second what emmackro says about speaking to your friends/family….My mum had treatment for CIN 3, as did a girl she works with earlier this year when I had it done and several other girls I know personally had abnormal results or had a friend who did. I have a relative who works as a receptionist at the hospital and she says the Colposcopy clinic is the busiest clinic there!! My smear showed severe changes but the biopsy from my treatment confirmed CIN 2 only but I know all too well how difficult it is to remain positive. Stick to this website and the NHS leaflets for information…I found they helped to reassure me. xx


Another point emmsyluv is that if it was stage 4 cancer and spreading to other organs I doubt they would tell you that over the telephone! I've not heard of a grade 4 (and I've done a lot of googling! More so because I'm a nurse and a geek and actually interested in what all the headings are and how they develop!) so maybe you misheard or they misread?!? Not sure but try to remain calm until your colposcopy then you will know for definate from someone who is a specialist. x

Also they would have no idea if it had spread to other organs from a smear it would require MRIs and other tests....

VickyP & emmackro thanks for the words and hugs - hugs back to you both x

So I calmed down and took a deep breath, had a cup of tea and rang the doctors back, she got it wrong (like we kinda guessed lol) It was stage 4 of the tests they ran not grade 4 of the smear result :D It's still CIN3 and I'm still worried to hell but strangely I feel positive about it all??? I feel sad inside but positive on the outside really weird!! Hope you are both doing ok.



That's not weird. That exactly how I feel! Good way to describe it! It is a bizzare feeling though to feel both positive yet worried at the same time

Hi emmysluv - thought I'd update this thread rather than start a new one, but just to let you know, this is the kind of reassurance I got today at my colposcopy this morning:

I just had a biopsy, no LLETZ as I am travelling to NYC on Saturday! But...two Doctors were looking up there (one training as a gynaecologist) and a nurse, and all of them thought the changes were likely to be mild rather than moderate and if anything they suspect CIN1, or possibly just HPV positive and think that in all likelihood I will just need to be recalled in 6 months. Here's hoping! Basically the vinegar solution didn't seem to turn anything white, and then the iodine solution didn't seem to do anything either. Glandular cells looked really healthy too...essentially, all looked normal and there is a possibility there are no changes at all and instead it was a false alarm as I had a slight ovulation spotting on the day of my smear (I have an IUD and I always get an ovulation spot, then a super light period a week or so later)! 

So, waiting for biopsy results now but all in all the experience was interesting and helpful. It's really put my mind at ease, the doctors and nurse were wonderful and when I mentioned cancer, the doctor quite rightly said it is always a possibility, but a very slim one and the whole purpose of the colposcopy is to try and make sure they nip it in the bud, or catch it nice and early.

Will let you all know once I get my results x

Having a bad day today :(

Fallen out with my boyfriend as I'm so angry and stressed that this is ruling my life I feel so depressed and stressed out! It's my boyfriends 40th birthday tomorrow it's meant to be fanyast i had so much planned and I've not done hardly any of it as I'm so stressed out I've not had the energy or brain capacity to do my plans.

I'm sat crying and so angry that this is ruining everything for me and I know it's going to be bad news and I feel so sad as I love my life and my family and don't want it to change. I've stopped counting down to my holidays as I can't think about anything good and happy right now, I've hardly been for any sunbeds as I'm so consumed by the stress of what can be I'm too

tired to move and only just getting through the day at work then finding the extra energy to go home again :(


sorry ty for the moan but I'm so past it with feeling like this :( :( :(

hi had my smear test done came back high grade dyskaryosis im really cancerned does this mean i have cc :( ive convinced my self i have cancer and just feel like crying i carnt leave my babies