HPV natural remedies?

Hello ladies,

Just wondered if anyone has had any joy fighting the HPV virus naturally? I have done a lot of research on the subject and am now trying a few things to build up my immune system and hopefully fight the pesky thing!

I am booked in for LLETZ on Friday anyway (I do feel that removing the current abnormalities is the most sensible thing to do), but I really want to ensure I can encourage the HPV into dormancy so that I don't have to go through it all again in the future.

I've started taking a Berocca a day (packed with vitamins), extra Folic Acid, Acai berry juice, green tea, and I've also ordered some indole-3-carbinol. I've completely overhauled my diet to pack it with fruits and vegetables.

I know that the changes I've made will only be good for my body, but has anyone had any success treating their dysplasia this way? Be great to hear from you if you have :)

Laura xx


i am only at the start of the journey, looking forward(!) to cone procedure, but have been reading up on imoroving my immunity, so I'll be interested to see what others say. I think I need to work on reducing stress more than anything.

well done for making such great changes.


mollz x

I'm in a similar position. I had LLETZ for CIN1 in November last year (2013) and smear test in May was clear but showed HPV. Had colposcopy examination on Friday and looked like there were still (or new) cell changes. They decided to leave it all alone for another 6 months and I was advised to do things like drink green tea and take vitamin C. I already take a high strength multi-vit every day so I've added in extra vitamin C and zinc, plus green tea (although I generally try to avoid too much caffeine).

Like Mollz I think I need to reduce stress/anxiety levels and that's something I'm always working on but I'll be interested to see what other people's experience has been.

Thanks for your responses :)

I just feel as though I'm willing to try anything at this stage, and there does seem to be a lot of information around that supports the idea of being able to clear the virus naturally. Having said that, I am going ahead with treatment as I hope that by removing the area which is a problem, I will leave myself with a blank canvas in order to start looking after myself more and avoid a recurrence.

Who knows if it will make any difference but hopefully we can keep in touch to find out if we have any success! I expect that my follow up will also be in March 2015 so lets hope all of us get the good news we're hoping for xx

Yes let's hope so and good luck for the 12th.

Hi - well done for your diet overhaul, that can only have good repurcussions. The one thing I'd be concerned about though is Berocca, it contains aspartame which is carcinogenic. With the amount of fruit and veg you have now though, you really wouldn't need these extra vitamins anyway so I personally think you'd be better off without the Berocca.


One thing I was told about was smoking. I don't smoke every day, only when I'm out having a drink, but my consultant told me even this would have an effect on the immune system and I should give up totally if I want to make sure my abnormal cells go back to normal on their own. So if you smoke, that's one more thing you could do to help yourself! Sounds like you're well on track though and keeping nice and positive will also help!


Best of luck in your LLETZ!

Ah thank you for letting me know  - i'd just run out of those so was going to buy some more... now I know not to!!

I don't smoke so that's one good thing. But I am a bit of a party animal at the weekend, so I've realised the alcohol needs to go as well. It's quite tough realising how much has to change, but I've never been more focused than I am right now.

Laura xx

How did you get on?

i found this and thought it looked interesting.


Molly xxx

Me again,

getting really into this now! Helping me greatly to be proactive. Have found yoga videos for stress relief on you tube! Was about to order but will try them first and maybe save some pennies!

Molly x

Hi Molly!

sorry for the late reply - have only just seen this. My new healthy start is going well - even if I can't fight the HPV, at least I'm feeling better and more positive in myself :) I had my lletz treatment on Friday and it wasn't half as bad as I expected. I'm hoping that my results will say they've removed everything they needed, but only time will tell.

This whole experience has truly made me realise that the body is a temple, and I certainly didn't respect it enough before all this. I appreciate that some of us just get dealt a tough hand, but I'm going to do anything and everything to get my defences working as hard as they can!

I hope that you are doing ok and keeping your chin up.

Laura xxx

Hi Laura,

i hear you! Having a stressful life has led to me having too many 'just a couple of glasses' evenings, and I have allowed my weight to go up and down like a yoyo. I am trying not to beat myself up, but am so gutted that I have not looked after myself better. I'm hoping that in a year's time this will all be a distant nightmare that will simply have taught me a few very much needed lessons about my priorities. I am 99% sure that I am going to hand my notice in and look for a less stressful job! 

So, I have started on the wheatgrass, yum! And taking a whopper immune boost tablet everyday. Also trying to eat a more alkaline diet, as apparently people who get cancer a generally very acidic!! I have lost 4lbs! Woo hoo! 

Keep it up hon, the rest of our lives are going to be all the better for it!


Molly xx

This is many years down the line from the original post. But I'm wondering the same things? I have only recently had my cone biopsy, I did a life overhaul a year ago, seems like I was a bit too late. But started pilates, quit smoking and have a veg garden going, and left my stressful corporate company for something happier. Hoping even though I made these decisions a touch too late in life, they will help to keep hpv at bay. How has it been going on the healthy path?