Natural cure for HPV? (Ascorbic acid)

Hey ladies! So I've been doing some research on HPV, the 'un cure able' virus. It has never been scientifically proven that HPV lays 'dormant' in your body or whether your body CAN in fact actually clear the virus from the body. However, I have been looking up ways to naturally cure HPV and vitamin C seems the most popular remedy. I take about 3, maybe 4 thousand MG of vitamin C daily and I'm hoping this will help clear the virus. The greatest natural enemy of HPV, is vitamin C! It's worth a go ladies for everyone who is worried about this horrible virus! I am determined to clear it of my body. I won't even accept that it lays 'dormant' I want it gone, completely! With no reoccurrence whatsoever! If I have to take high doses of vitamin C daily then so be it lol.. For anyone interested, check out 'DR Saul - how to doctor yourself' and find HPV in the category's to the left. I think he's great! HPV isn't welcome in my body!!! Hope this helps a bit ladies, I just wanted to share my thoughts - hugs xxx

awww Thanku Dani! advice noted! I heard that greens, like broccoli, kale, etc are excellent for the immune system too. Making fresh green juice is apparantly great for immunity!Smile hugz xxx

Hello hun! Yes all those are great for the immune system - I've gone a bit mad on research since I found out I had high risk HPV lol vitamin C is vital lol.. I've got a massive tub of 1000mg vitamin c (as Ascorbic acid) and take about 6 a day! hopefully it's doing wonders to my body and next time I have my smear in 12 months - I pray it's normal lol and I'll be giving that tub a pat on the back lol lots of fruit and veg too! Hope it helps for you too hun.. Big hugs xxx


Im with you with the Vitamin C - Im taking the 1500mg - about 4 a day together with folic acid, a multivitamin and about 6 green tea capsules a day.  Ive actually convinced myself that it was the large doses of the green tea capsules Ive been taking on a daily basis for the last few years that saved me from something more than cin3 at my first smear at a ripe old age of 43.


Just came across your post and noticed you had implemented the highdose vitamin C choice. How did it go? After 12 months, were you able to have success with the Vitamin C?  Take care and look forward to your answer. Hope you're doing well and still part of this forum.

Hi Ladies, 

The high risk HPV infections have little to do with your immune system. Indeed, the infected cells lack the necessary chemical markers which signal to your immune system that there is an infection. Your body is therefore not battling any infection. It doesn't even know there is one! This is why medicaments such as Imiquimod are prescribed - by applying this substance to the wart cells you are putting into the cells the necessary chemical marker which the immune system then recognises and attacks those cells. This is why strenghening your immune system isn't going to make a lick of difference. And this is what makes the high risk HPV viruses so high risk.

Viruses work by hijacking your cell and using its machinery to reproduce. High risk HPV are stealth viruses. Paradoxically, the healthier you are, or the better your cells proliferate, the faster the virus will grow! Alternative methods include intermittent fasting (reduces fat levels, therefore also reduces estrogen levels which can affect some HPV types) which entail eating just between 12-5, for example, or 12-7. Since there are so many different kinds of viruss, even in the HPV range, different treatments will work for different people. At the end of the day, however, what you're dealing with is a peculiar kind of "plant" growing in/on your body, so the healthier you are, the healthier it is too. 

Another interesting this is that every virus particle has a postive, negative or neutral charge. Do the infected cells, therefore, have a different overall charge to non-infected cells? Hence, other alternative methods of treatment include balancing electrolyte levels, salt baths, etc.

BTW, in order to do a proper vaginal/cervical examination for HPV infection or re-examination or the vagina, the inside should be sprayed with a weak acid, such as vinegar. After some time, the tiny heads of HPV growths, otherwise invisible to the naked eye, and invisible using the high tech machinery they use, become quite clearly visible... ;)

Hi there Dani,

Did you find that anything worked particularly well for clearing up the HPV infection? I've just brought lots of supplements including Vit-C, just don't know what else to do. Also trying gluten free and dairy free, as have read lots about this being helpful too.



Hi chandra

If it's OK to ask, when you had symptoms of genital herpes did you have a test to confirm the diagnosis?

Symptoms of genital herpes will clear up by themselves, without any intervention - see following link: