HPV - Natural Cure?

I have had a letter yesterday to inform me that i have a HPV infection and low grade abnormal cells. I have to attend a colospy with possible treatment in early May. I felt upset when i recieved the letter as i had abnormal results 3 years ago but when I had a colospy and they took a biopsy. I didn't need further treatment and they said it was OK. I'm wondering is there a natural cure for HPV? I try to eat a healthy diet, exercise. I don't smoke and i only drink socially. Any recommendations of vitamins, natural cures and remedies. I would really appreciate it. Thanks.

I have just received the same letter, also with low grade hanges. I have a referral on Wednesday for a colposcopy... I am really worried and have spent the majority of my weekend really upset. As far as I'm aware, HPV comes and goes on it's own... apparently it can just go naturally, but in some cases it's there forever. It's made me feel better knowing that 8 in 10 people have it, but not everyone knows about it. 

i will let you know how my appointment goes! 


At least we're in it together! 

try evening primrose oil and starflower oil, they are proven to support.

I also oversdose on vitamin c to ensure my immune system stays up, but I am worries as my immune system and me don't get on.

I am constantly going down with colds/sinus infections.


Hi flower girl. Sounds like we are in the same boat.


Please let me know how it goes. I'm here if you need to talk.


Yeah the immune system fights it off. I'm taking evening prim rose oil, zinc supplements and making sure i'm eating more fruits n veggies.


Thanks Emmy :) i've purchased evening prim rose oil and also zinc supplements. I drink alot of orange juice so just concerntrating on eating omega 3's and drinking green tea too.