HPV positive for 3 years

Hi, I am getting myself into abit of a state. I had CIN 2/3 back in 2007 which was treated, I then tested negative for HPV. I have since tested positive for the virus during the last 3 smears ( all normal cell results ) I am absolutely petrified of anything cancer related and wondered if anyone could offer me any advice / reassure?

Many thanks in advance

Hi, the only thing I would say is try and look after/boost your immune system. My consultant told me around 80% of adults are infected with hpv and usually the immune system will suppress it. However some if us are unlucky and it will become active and cause us problems. If you smoke then stop as there’s a strong link between smoking and persistent hpv, my consultant also told me to eat well, lots of fruit and veg, take a multi vitamin, reduce stress, sleep well etc. She also recommended a juicer but i found it easier to just eat. I did lots of research and found garlic to be antiviral so ate that plus drank green tea. Personally I also stopped taking the mini pill as I felt it made things worse but that’s just me and I know its not for everyone. Other than that its just regular testing to make sure they pick up any changes and treat them quickly x

Thank you - that’s really helpful advice. Did you find you managed to kick the virus or do you still have it? x

I’m hpv negative on my smears now but I did have lletz treatment because of cin3 and early cancer. However when I went for colposcopy after high grade smear result they said my cervix looked inflamed and they take a photo. In between that appointment and my lletz appointment I made all those changes and the nurse commented how it looks alot better so it seemed to help. That was back in January 2015 and been fine since. I wish I’d made those changes when I first found out I had hpv, hopefully you can stop yours before it has a chance to cause any cell changes x

Ah so glad you have managed to shift it, I don’t smoke and eat well but am on the mini pill so may have to look into that? I have also read that B12 can help so have ordered that. Thank you again for the advice it’s really appreciated x

You’re welcome. Hope you can get rid of it. My friend tested positive for hpv and borderline changes and went on a health kick and her follow up a year later was hpv negative. Might be worth popping to Holland and barret and asking their advice too, my frirnd did and was given some sort of immune boosting powdered drink. Worth a try x

Hi I am having similar worries as you. I am 30, just had my most recent smear in Jan the results have came back no abnormal cells but high risk hpv found. This is my first smear since they started doing the hpv testing so to read that I had it right away was a bit of a shock as I have been with my partner for 11 years so that means one of us have caught this a long time ago and now it’s starting to surface which is crazy. I just wanted to share that I am patiently waiting to get another smear done next year your not alone. I am trying my hardest not to google x

Hia I was hpv positive when the new tests camein i must have had it for over 10 years. I did a lot of reading of papers and found vitamin C helped in clinical trials, so not being able to eat loads of oranges lol i have a bag or 2 or oranges each week and took vitamin supplement of 1500 max eaxh day. After 12 months return to a smear i was negative.

Hi , I am new to the forum and very confused and worried about being hpv 16 positive. I can relate to what you are going through. I am seeing an oncologist gynea who does not have many answers. She also told me there are few options out there especially for me since I don’t have a cervix. I notice patients with this disease are treated like nothing. Doctors just keep doing one procedure after another with hardly any good result. I am so discouraged and scared right now.

If you girls don’t mind can someone explain to me how to start my own new post. I have spent all day trying to figure it out. I am only able to reply to other posts and unable to post my own issue.

Thankyou all a d good luck!