HPV & high grade (severe) dysk

Hi all. I’m 30 and have just had the results back from my 2nd smear (I was a year late going for my 2nd smear - massively regretting this now). My letter states I have HPV with high-grade (severe) dyskaryosis. I have been booked in for a colposcopy for a week’s time.

I’m trying to stay level headed about things and keep myself informed of the facts/stay away from the worst case scenario stories, but naturally I’m freaking out. I’ve got a bit of an idea of how things could go from reading the leaflets and advice on here. I’m assuming at my colposcopy they’ll be looking for CIN3 and offering the loop procedure, either at the appointment or at a later date. It may require a biopsy and I’ll have a follow up afterwards.

I’ve spoken to my friend who had to have a colposcopy but her cell changes were at a lower stage than mine. I’ve also spoken to another friend whose family member has had lasar treatment to remove cells. I would ideally like to talk to this friend in more depth about it but today is her due date and I do t want to burden her with my anxieties.

I have a supportive family who are trying to help but have a lot of their own anxieties which is making me panic more. My head feels scrambled and I can’t stop crying.

Hi neopolitan girl
I didn’t want to just read and run as I know exactly how you feel. Last July I went for a smear test that came back borderline changes so I was sent for a colcoscopy and they found cgin not borderline cell changes. During this time I was so anxious and could think of nothing else. I was then sent for a lletz to have the cells removed and by then I had taken comfort from this site and was feeling more relaxed about things. I have just received my results from my 6 month check up and I am now HPV negative and normal smear. It’s so much easier said than done but just try not to worry,it doesn’t make any change and it just adds to the stress of it all and there can be light at the end of the tunnel,I wish you good vibes and hear if you need a chat xx


Hi Sunshine,

Thank you so much for replying :two_hearts: I’ve read a few posts on here similar to yours, where people have gone and had their colposcopy and the results have been different to what was predicted. I’m trying to focus on all the positive loop stories where people have said it’s helped clear it. I think because the wording on my letter says “severe dysk”, I’m worrying because the next step seems to be the invasive one and I’m terrified of going and being told it’s invasive. I’ve read that people have had the result “?invasive” on their initial letter, and mine doesn’t say that so I should focus on that and the fact I don’t seem to have any symptoms, but it’s so hard.

Thank you for your kind words and I’m so glad yours got sorted and went back to normal. Xxx