HPV but no abnormal cells

I found this forum after reading about HPV on the NHS site, I’m just trying not to freak out about my smear test results as they’ve always been normal but this time it came back with a positive test for HPV and no abnormal cells.
From what I understand the immune system usually clears the virus and a year later another smear test is done to check it’s all ok.
What bugs me is that I haven’t been sexually active for almost 2 years but I have an infection that I’m too ashamed to talk about even though I’m worried about it. I guess I should just focus on keeping my general health and immune system good and hope for better results next year.
I just can’t help being scared as my Mum had cervical cancer in her 30s and ended up having a hysterectomy.

Hi! Just wanted to remind you that you are not alone. While being told you have HPV is scary, it is a very common thing. And good news for you is no cell abnormality at this time :slight_smile: and you are correct that many people are able to clear the virus in time.

When I tested positive last year I was shocked beyond belief. I’m 32 years old, have only had sex with my husband and we’ve been together about 10 years. I didn’t understand how something could lie dormant for so long and then just one day decide to show up, but it happens quite often.

I do think that there seems to be a sense of “shame” or stigma around HPV in general as it isn’t commonly talked about at all. But you’d think it would be! Don’t feel ashamed, majority of sexually active people have or will have HPV at some point in their lives. This forum is full of amazing people who are so kind and offer great advice :slight_smile: so you’ve definitely come to the right place!


Thank you so much :heart: it’s a relief to feel like I’m not on my own in being a bit shellshocked from these type of test results.