HPV positive but no abnormal cells found

Hello everyone,

I’m 28 years old and just recently had my 2nd cervical smear. First one was absolutely fine all clear but just had the results of this recent one and it says I am HPV positive with no abnormal cells.
This is the first health concern I have had apart from anxiety earlier this year. I’m so worried this is really bad and I should be concerned what this means as I don’t really understand it all. My fiance now thinks it’s his fault :frowning: They said I am to go back in a year for another smear but does this mean I’m pre cancer or something? I’m just so worried :frowning: x


great news you have no abnormal cells, HPV is an infection most the population will get at some point, and some strains can cause cervical cancer. Testing for HPV is a preventative measure, so anyone with it can be monitored and have treatment before it becomes cancer.

Try not to worry, most people get it, and their immune systems clear it. Men cant be tested for it not treated for it.

this y does not mean you are pre cancer just means the risk of cancer could possibly be higher. stick to routine smears and all will be good :smiley:

Hi, I have just been diagnosed with HPV but no abnormal cells, just wondering if the hubby has cheated… been married for 24 years but together for 29. i suspected he cheated around 19/20 years ago but had no proof and he totally denied it. This has brought it all back

I’ve received a letter today saying I have HPV but no abnormal cells.
I also have an ectropic cervix. I’m not worried about either after reading the info though.
I could’ve caught it from an old boyfriend years ago, or my husband could’ve got it from a past girlfriend and passed it on to me. Who knows? 🤷 I know I’ve done nothing wrong.

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Im same 3 years hpv positive but no abnormal cells found but still got to go for colposcopy im not sure if this is good news or bad? :pensive:

Good news. It means they’re checking with a colposcopy (which is more effective than a smear) because you’ve had HPV for 3 years. Doesn’t mean anything is wrong past the fact that you have HPV and not thrown it off, which happens to lots of people. HPV is extremely common, as is the HSV (cold sores) and easily spread so most of the sexually active population will have had it at some time. We’re also not sure how long HPV can be dormant (like HSV) and flare up in times of stress. It’s complicated, but nothing to feel bad about. It is, however, why regular smear tests (like you’ve been having) for women are so important, because SOME strains of HPV have the POTENTIAL to cause cell changes in the cells of the cervix.