HPV positive and no abnormal blood cells

Hello everyone!


First of all my writing isnt they best so hope this makes sence.


Ive been an emotional wreck all day. I got my Smear teast results back after i had my first ever smear a few weeks back, and my result are that i have HPV but no abnormal cells.

I have never been the most sexually active person, I havent slept with anyone in 3 years and my last sexual occorance was a year ago and only oral.

I know they say in 90% of case's this goes away but im terrorfied as I have had it over a year or maybe even more.

Im yet to tell my family and fear it will upset them. I am the youngest of 4 and 2 of my dearest siblings have died from cancer in the past 2 years (neroendicrine).

My mum has always encourage us to get smear test as we have grown up with cancer in our lives and i dont know how to tell her.

Im litterally so lost and feel so alone.

I hope this has all made sence, please Help xxx




I understand that this can be confronting, but please be assured that HPV is such a common Virus that 80% of people are exposed to in their lifetime. Most of the time our bodies fight off this virus within a few years and no further treatment is required. In some cases the virus causes abnormalities such as CIN 1,2,3 and CGIN, these are "pre cancerous" changes or abnormal cells, that you said you did not have on your screening results.

The fact that you have no abnormal cells is a good thing, and the fact that they have found the HPV on your screening, also a good thing. This is why it is so important to attend these screening tests as they pick up HPV/ abnormalities in most cases in the early stages. 

I'm sure they will now ask you back for more regular screening tests to either make sure the HPV resolves by itself or offer you further treatment if required. I would try not to get too anxious about it, and if you do make use of the services that are available for reassurance and advise.


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I agree with what Jenjen has said but I just wanted to say what  a wise and lovely Mum you have who has encouraged you to attend for smear tests.  Since my cc diagnosis I have done a lot of awareness raising about the importance of  smear tets; 1 in 4 women do not keep up to to date with their smear tests and my observation is that those women are less likely to have support from friends or family to attend - indeed I was in that category. 

If you feel you want to tell your family it will help if you get yourself well informed about HPV beforehand; I suggest reading the information about HPV on this website - see following link: https://www.jostrust.org.uk/information/hpv



Thanks all i really appriciate the support. I spoke to my mum and my sister and they were so supportive! I was worried it would cause them stress but instead they have been super positive and have read up about HPV and are going to be with me every step of the way <3

Ill keep everyone updated on what comes next!



Again thanks so much for replying xx