Positive HPV results 2nd year in a row (no abnormal changes)


so I have received my smear results today HPV positive but no abnormal cells found. This is the same results I got 12 months ago and have to go back for another smear in 12 months time.


since I read the letter this morning I have spent the day on google worrying if this is serious now? I am a single mummy to a one year old boy and can't stop thinking what's going to happen in the future.

this has affected my anxiety and I just want to cry.

I really need someone to talk to.


thank you,


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Hi Janine, 


I'm no medical professional but from what I have gathered from this website there are many people who test positive for HPV but do not go on to get abnormal cell changes and eventually the body fights the HPV and wins and the HPV goes back to lying dormant again. At the point your smears will go back to what they were before. 


It's great news that they are currently swabbing you 12 monthly even though you're shoeing no abnormal cells as from what I've read cervical cancer generally takes around five to ten years to develop. On that basis you're in an amazing position to catch it before any cancer develops as you haven't had any cell changes, and it's the cell changes that could be the start of cancer.


The first cell changes are called CIN I, the second CIN II, and the most high grade severe are CIN III. 


People who have CIN I & CIN II cell changes are often left for six or 12 monthly smears with no treatment too. This is because the body often corrects itself with no treatment needed. 


I hope that helps to allieviate your fears. I know it's a scary place to be xxx