HPV Positive Results - so many questions!


Just had my smear test results which was HPV positive with no abnormal cells but the letter gives no other info! :pensive: just wondering if anyone can answer any of my questions please!

  1. I’ve been with my partner for 5.5 years, does this mean I’ve had HPV all this time as neither of us have cheated?

  2. I stopped taking my combined pill 1 year ago but before that had a period of having a tiny bit of blood after sex (literally one pink/red wipe afterwards), I also sometimes find sex a little uncomfortable in certain positions, is this something to be concerned about, especially considering my HPV diagnosis?

  3. Obviously now I’ve been invited for another Smear in 1 year but I’m hoping to start trying for a baby in that time, will a potential pregnancy be affected by my HPV?

I’m hoping someone can answer some of these for me… I’m quite the worrier so not sure if I’m overthinking everything

Thanks in advance

J x

Hi, i am the same as you - been with my boyfriend 5 years and positive hpv (although i also have abnormal cells). I actually have loads of friends in long term relationships who have tested positive so it is a bit confusing isn’t it, considering the internet says most people clear it sooner. Anyway hope that is a little bit reassuring, good you don’t have abnormal cells (and might never get) :slight_smile:


Thank you! It’s nice to know I’m not alone. It’s hard to talk about even with friends!

Aw no! I hope they get those nasties sorted for you soon :crossed_fingers:t3:

It’s very confusing! I’ve seen a lot of people throwing accusations at their partners but I trust my BF 100%. I’ve read a lot online but not sure what’s reliable. Like can you catch it then it stays hidden and then flare up at some point?

I’ve booked an appointment with my GP to discuss my concerns so will let you know what she says :relaxed:Xx

Hey, I had my first smear 5 years ago and was positive for HPV this continued for another 2 years and when I stopped smoking my follow up smear was clear.

That was 3 years ago and I had my routine smear in august and had hpv and abnormal cells again. The doctor said to me that for some reason my immune system just cannot clear the infection and for whatever reason 3 years ago my immune system must have been much better. I have been with my partner 8 years.

HPV can lie dormant for years, it’s not considered An STI because most people have it at some point in their lives, men can’t even be tested for it.

To answer your question regarding pregnancy, I have two children my son is 8 months old and HPV has never been mentioned during my pregnancy, as far as I am aware it doesn’t have any effect.

The good thing is you have no abnormal cell changes, and have been referred to test again in a year, if there was any concern they would have you in for a colposcopy.

Happy to answer any other questions, the doctor at colposcopy held up my file and said “your no stranger to coming here” :joy:thanks a lot lol x

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