Had my 3 smear test .. I have hpv but no abnormal cells

Hi all,

I’ve been reading some of your chats and it’s been helping me a lot. I just wanted to say hi and that I also have HPV but with no abnormal changes.

I’ve been through a lot in the past 3 years and can’t believe I have had another health scare.

I remember my last smear 3 years ago said no hpv found, I know that they had only started testing for hpv back then.

Has anyone got any success stories and their bodies got rid of the virus the follow year?

Any reassurance would be greatly appreciated. I’m a worrier.
(Diagnosed health aniexty and PTS disorder)

Kind regards,



Sorry to hear that you have had some health scares previously.

I would love to hear how people have/are attempting to clear HPV or how long they had it for before it cleared. So will be following this post for suggestions too :+1:

K x

Hi ladies,

I have put a post on here regarding 3 hpv positive results but no abnormal cells each time and going for a colposcopy . My first HPV positive was in 2019 when they started the screening this way in my area. I had the same possible result but no abnormal cells 3 times in a row, the most recent being in June this year. Due to this result I had to go for a colposcopy, long story short - I was fearing the worst but at the colposcopy I had everything checked and no abnormal cells where found at all so I have been put back to 3 yearly smears. Apparently most women clear the virus in 1-2 years however this is just an average and some people have it longer than this however it does not mean it will definitely go on to cause cell changes it just puts you at higher risk. Hope this helps a little xx

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Thank you for getting back to me.

It’s a bizarre thing isn’t it! I just can’t keep my mind off it.

I had a call from my doctors earlier today and the NHS only test for the 2 highest strains for HPV which are the 16 and the 18.
So I have one of these which really really got to me. Out of the 100s I have one of the highest one :,(

I did ring jostrust earlier and they reassured me again about how common it is , and how common it is for the body to just get rid of it.

It’s just annoying I have to have this lingering over me for a year. Going to do my very best to look after my body. I’ve given up smoking on the day I got the letter and I’m now swimming 4 days a week, which should help with my well-being also.

Keep the success stories coming :slight_smile: x

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Also, I’m 30 years of age…. Does this mean my body is less likely to not get rid of the hpv virus?
Read a horror story on dr google obviously…

It’s definitely bizarre and I totally understand that it takes over your thinking. But I believe the best thing you have done is reach out on here and call jos, even expressing how you feel to people that may be or have been in a similar situation can help laot for anxiety about it.

I think there are so many horror stories on Google. I realised this after my very first result and soon learnt to just use the info in jos trust and nhs site. Although, with HPV there is not too much about having g it over 2 years as majority of people do get rid by there immune system.

I think I am one of the unfortunate people who keeps getting a positive HPV result :see_no_evil: since 2014 which was my first ever screaning at 24 and half.

I have had lletz for CIN2/3 in 2015, had 6 monthly check ups for one year. Then a yearly check up. Still all positive but because of no further abnormal changes they put me on 3 yearly. Had to then go back to yearly and just found out i’m going back to colposcopy because of still having this bloody virus :woman_facepalming: looking for a miracle cure at this point :sweat_smile:

K x

Oh my goodness so you are my age? 30/31?

Yeah I do feel like I’ve calmed down since joining this forum and reading people’s stories!

But wow, this virus is a bugger.

I’ve just read (I will stop soon) that the oral contraceptive mini pill can cause the hpv virus to stay in your system longer? Only if you have been on it 5 years +….I’ve been on it for 3 years constant, but was on the pill when I was 15 to 18 but it was the one where you had a 7 day break and had a period.

Do you think it’s wise me still being on the pill?!

Yeah I’m 31.

It’s good that they test now for it first, rather than the other way around. I think they will prevent alot more abnormal cell chnages/cc cases this way. But I also think that HPV should be something spoke about in schools during sex Ed classes, so it becomes normalised if someone had it (since it’s so common) and that way I think people wouldn’t have as much anxiety/stigma about it if they get a positive result.

I have been on contraception pill (the one with 7 day break) since I was 15 :thinking:
I will ask about this when I go to colposcopy again.

To be honest, depending on the reasons why your on the pill I reckon pro’s probably out weigh the cons unless your GP advises you to come off it. Maybe have a chat with them and see what they suggest.

K x

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Oh definitely! I still can’t believe how common it actually is!! I didn’t realise, and if I had known I wouldn’t of got so worked up about it.

But yes it should be spoken about 100%.

Well I do hope it all goes well for you! Keep me update! I’m sure you will be fine. Yes ask about the pill!

I have a years wait, so in the mean time I need to calm the F down so my immune system can work it’s magic.

When I had my smear I was so stressed out and had been for a few weeks so maybe this triggered it? Who knows. I don’t know how to relax but I have to learn!

Take care xx

Hi Amy - I recently did a post about this - was diagnosed HPV positive last year and went on a big health kick to try and boot the virus from my system. One year on and I’m now HPV free. Not sure how much it is to do with my “HPV diet” but have a look anyway in case you find anything helpful.

Here’s the post: https://forum.jostrust.org.uk/t/getting-rid-of-hpv-one-year-after-diagnosis/49814

Z x

Hey Zoe!

I’ve just read your story! It’s sounds exactly like me…
Stopped smoking straight away,
I’m on the ahcc supplement for 6 months,
And again I’m not a saint but I’m also cutting out bad food from my diet and having more fruit and veg!

I really do believe that I can heal and that these supplements with give me immune system the boost it needs! ALso given them to my Partner also, so we can get rid of it together. :slight_smile:
Thank you for the positive comments, I needed it :slight_smile:
Amy x

I’m sure you will be fine. Loads and loads of people naturally heal it out of their systems every year.

I think you don’t see loads of success stories on here just because once people are better they don’t want to think about it again and so don’t post follow ups.

But a couple of my friends have had it (31 and 35) and they both cleared it from their systems too.

I didn’t put my partner on AHCC but it’s a good idea.

Sounds like you are doing everything right to give yourself the best chance.

Good luck! :heart:


I know, i have calmed down a bit now. I know a couple of my friends had it in their 20s and got rid of it but just didn’t hear of anyone in their 30s. And again, i think most people also see the common side of this and dont freak out as much as me, so dont post about it.

Im sure i will be fine and i just need to trust my body. I really needed to give my body a good health kick to be honest… I want to try for a baby in a couple of years so i want to get it ready, and this is the kick i needed.

Thanks again Zoe, you have really reassured me.

All the best.