HPV+ and high (moderate) grade dyskaryosis referred for a colposcopy

Jan 2023 smear test came back HPV+ normal cells. Was invited for a repeat smear 12 months later, which came back positive and with high (moderate) grade dyskaryosis. Was referred to hospital for a colonoscopy. Was petrified but the nurses were so kind and reassuring. Though uncomfortable it wasn’t any worse than a smear test (which I absolutely hate). Only difference is it lasted longer. Anyway, they took a biopsy. The nurse explained how they think the abnormal cells were closer to CIN1 than CIN2 and because of my age (31) and not being a mother or a smoker they felt positive I’d be ok being monitored instead of having treatment.

Biopsy results came back 17 days later (08Mar24) confirming it was CIN1 with another colposcopy and smear test scheduled for six months time (Sept24).

Has anyone had similar results and had to go back for colposcopy six months later? Did things go back to normal or did you have to have treatment?

I still haven’t told anyone. I’ve got past the sadness and fear of it now. Every now and then my mind wanders and I start to think about it again, so I worry but most of the time I’m ok, so feel ok to keep it to myself for the meantime but may need to tell someone come September in case I have to have treatment. Should I tell someone? How long did you keep it to yourself for?

Thanks in advance!

Welcome, sorry you’re here, but it’s great you’ve reached out!
My history isn’t similar to yours but I didn’t want to read and run.
CIN1 on the biopsy is good news. Could quite easily go back to normal by themselves :face_exhaling:
Also, it sounds like you’ve been brave and done well to get through the colposcopy and biopsy (no mean feat!) and to get through the mental torment of this horrid ordeal. The waiting game is the worst I think.
You’re following all the guidance from the experts and I’m sure you’re in good hands!
When you say about telling people, I’m not clear on who you mean. Even if you eventually need treatment, you don’t need to tell anyone if you don’t want to. I’m a real oversharer in general :joy: so my partner at the time of my treatment and my whole family, my son and my ex were all told what I was having done and to leave me to rest afterwards :joy: and give me some love! Also happily told all my colleagues including my male boss. Absolutely nothing to be ashamed of and I wanted my colleagues to feel they could ask me anything about it, as I worked with some young women who’d had no experience with smears before. Happy to be the abnormal cell poster girl :see_no_evil: :muscle: and as it turned out, a couple of my colleagues had already had the treatment themselves!
You tell whoever you want or no one :slight_smile: :heart:
Hoping you have a good outcome and the little bugger CIN1 goes away for you

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Thank you for your uplifting response :slight_smile: I’m the complete opposite. Keep everything to myself but always wish I was a sharer. I honestly admire people who can communicate and share their experiences, my sister is like that and doesn’t understand why I never share anything with her haha.

Oh and I meant if I should tell my mum/siblings or even friends. But as you say, it’s likely it’ll clear up by itself, so makes me feel better about keeping this to myself.

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No worries!
Maybe siblings are one or the other then cos my sister doesn’t tell me anything either :joy:
One step at a time, see what happens when you go back, then take it from there.
Whatever you want to do with regards telling people is your right :slight_smile: I was so shocked by how many women had gone through it when I spoke to friends and colleagues tho I was glad I said something because it made me realise it’s common (unfortunately) and I might’ve felt so alone if I hadn’t said anything. But then I hadn’t found this group then! We’re here for you :slight_smile:
(I always feel a bit guilty when I offload all my health anxiety onto my family tho as I’ve now worried them as well as myself, so it’s swings and roundabouts!) x