How soon for Hysterectomy

Hi all. How soon after lletz treatment did you have your hysterectomy? I know treatments are different but just looking to see rough how quick you were booked in. I had lletz for microinvasion and cin3 5th June I had lletz. Last week consultant said I have to have hysterectomy. MDT this week to decide what type. I’m self employed so need a rough timeline to reorganize business and finance

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Hiya I’m not sure of the answer to your question, is this because u have high grade cin3? I have stage 1a1 have had two lletz and now have choice of hysterectomy or another lletz it’s a hard choice as I’m self employed too!it’s been a Lot to get my head around. Hope your ok

Hi Natalie I think it’s because I have cin3 and the microinvasion cancer can come back. It’s all been a bit of a blur. I had my colonoscopy and they said possible microinvasion. Then I had my lletz under general and they said they removed a large amount of the cervix. Then had a consultation and the consultant was kind of flippant and said yes we removed the cancer. So i was oh right so I did have cancer. Was not told what cc it was. Now they discussing in MDT this week what type of hysterectomy. Not really an explanation as to why I have to have it. It’s hard isn’t it. To get your head round. Next consultation I’m gonna write down questions before. Else I just go in and nod my head and agree to anything. If it’s the best course of action then of course I’ll do it. I hear so many having several lletz then end up having hysterectomy anyway. Definitely weigh up your options and do what’s right for you x

Hiya I think my experience sounds like yours or it was only when I asked so I have cancer Etc I has a massive haemorrhage and in hospital after complication of lletz and left anemic so I’m still not over that. I think il have the hysterectomy due to still having cin3. Have to make my decision by Tuesday and I’ve just not had chance to stop and think. Hope your ok xx

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So I’m self employed, I was diagnosed with stage 1A1 in April and this was removed with clear margins after my lletz treatment however I was told to have a hysterectomy due to other complications. I had an appt a few weeks ago with the Gynae team and I’ve not been put on the urgent list so I was told my surgery would be within 12 months which I was ok with and to still attend my 6 month appt in the mean time. What I will say is that a friend of mine told me to check my insurance policies and I had critical illness cover which amazingly paid out last week in full so I now have peace of mind that when I do have the surgery I can take time off and know we won’t struggle financially. I know not everyone has life insurance but if you do check your cover and if you have critical illness then make a claim xx

Hi I was similar to you, had 2 x LLETZ then hysterectomy. I’m in Bradford, I went officially on waiting list 1st week in February and I had hysterectomy 10th July


Hi, how are you feeling? I have stage 1A1 clear cell carcinoma in cervix, they are only suggesting hysterectomy even though the cancer is 2mm…
I’m shocked how quickly it escalated, I had two LLETZ, one in August this year and one 2 years ago.
I’m 32, single, no kids etc. I feel like it is a hard choice to make. I have tried to read if there are other treatment etc. I’m scared of how the hysterectomy will affect my body etc. Any advises?

I’m having a hysterectomy this Thurs. I got a second Opinion I’m 37 have had kids and I think this may give me most protection. I don’t want to have it but what do you do! Hope your ok get as much advise from professionals as you can