Hello Advice Needed Please CIN3/Hysterectomy

Hello, I hope I am posting in the right place.

In March this year I was diagnosed with CIN2 and had a LLETZ procedure to remove it and results came back CIN1 and an appointment booked 6 months later for another colposcopy. I had my 2nd Colposcopy on 20th September and the results came back CIN 2/3, so it had advised from CIN1 to CIN 2/3 in 6 months. I did some research online and it appears this is very rare that the cells would re-develop and worsen so quickly.

I have now been placed under a care management plan with an oncologist who insists I am being watched like a hawk, and a large part of my cervix was removed at my latest LLETZ 3 weeks ago.

The oncologist who was lovely said he doesn’t think it would be unwise for me to have a hysterectomy given the cells changed quite quickly and this is rare. I am getting married in June and just want this all over with before my big day, and to just get on with my life. The issue I have is that I only have one child and my partner has no children. I feel so sad at the prospect of not having the option anymore but since my cervix is more or less in tatters and I suffered a miscarriage in November also makes me think it might no be possible anyway.

I was wondering if any other ladies on here had experienced something similar and what the outcome was?

It goes without saying I want to just be healthy and if its imperative then I will have it done… it just seems so final, I am only 35!

Sorry for the long post was just hoping to get some advice

thanks x

Hi Taintsy,

Did your first lletz have clear margins?

I don't understand why your oncologist is recommending a hysterectomy. This is major surgery and it has an important effect on life. Our uterus has an important function respect to hormones and you are so young! I think that if your last lletz has clear marging then you can try for a baby asap if this is your wish.

It is possible that your abnormalitis did not progress indeed, but they were there since the beginning and just did not show up until the fisrt lletz removed some tissue.

You had your second lletz 3 weeks ago so I wouldn't even think about hysterectomy. If margins are clear, then just live your life and think about the baby asap because it's true that dysplasia can come back. If margins are not clear, then wait for next colposcopy, because our body can heal it alone most of the time.

But don't rush into hysterectomy because you want all this to be over. I've been to coloscopies and biopsies since 2014, and just now will have my first leep. It takes time, but we must take it step by step. 



No my first LLETZ did not have clear margins, CIN 1 was still there which progressed to CIN 2/3 in the space of 6 months. I am back at the hospital for my results on the 30th Nov. 


Hi. I had the same happen to me, only three times. I've had two lletz and a cone biopsy over two years and 1 pregnancy before I got the all clear. Recurring cin can happen and it's due to our inability to shift the HPV infection. It's good that you are being watched carefully. In your shoes I would ask why he thinks you are such a particular case when if your first lletz did not have clear margins, it should not come as a surprise that the cells came back. You should also explain you'd like another child. They might let you try. There are ways to ensure you can still carry a pregnancy to term even though you don't have much of a cervix left. Finally the treatment they will offer you will depend on how much cervix is left. Eg for me, hysterectomy is the next stop as I have nothing left. Good luck.

Thank you for your reply oldhand. Really good to hear from someone else who has been in the same situation. I don't think there is much cervix left and I have excess scar tissue too, which I think it is why it has been brought into the possible solution to re-occuring cells. I suppose I have to trust the consultants as they know what they are talking about, and I have kind of made my peace with it being a possibility. I am lucky to have a very happy healthy 10 year old and I have already been told I would only be able to carry to 8 months then have to have a c-section. Are you scheduled in for surgery now? I wish you the best of luck with everything x 

You should also explain you'd like another child. They might let you try.