How many biopsies did you have at colposcopy?

Hi all, I hope this isn’t too silly a question, but I was wondering what the “normal” number of biopsies taken at an initial colpo might be? I had 5 - most of the accounts here have said they had 1 or 2 (though one poor lady said she had 9!)

My smear result was high risk HPV with low dyskariosis - however at the colposcopy my gyno said she could see cell changes (but didn’t really tell me anything else).

Obs from notes were as follows:

“Extensive 4 quadrant ACW change, dense Coarse punctations

12 negativity

Colp impression - HG”

To me this sounds like it’s worse than expected, but at the appointment I was just told I might need a LLETZ.

I’m almost a week into a 3 week wait for results and honestly it’s very distressing, as well as already having to have an emergency appointment for excessive bleeding and pain after the biopsies (it looks like I was beginning to develop an infection and I have now been prescribed antibiotics).

I would really like to have just one child one day (I am 31 with a long term partner of 10 years). I really don’t want a hysterectomy or chemo if I can possibly avoid it. I’ve started papillocare, AHCC and have had my first dose of the vaccine today (I’m honestly fuming that I was just one year too old to have been vaccinated as part of the school vaccination programme, and I was told by my school that it wasn’t worth having it, possibly as it was a very backward, ridiculous religious school).

Is 5 biopsies a lot? I feel like a colander.

I had 2 taken, at 6 and 12 o’clock…my mom has had to have 4 done. 5 seems like a higher amount, they didnt tell you why? Im sorry youre going through so.much for this too. Hope that helps and good luck

Hi there, thanks so much for taking the time to respond to me. I think it is a higher amount, not that I knew this at the time as no one told me that! She said she was taking multiple biopsies to make sure nothing was missed. My results came back about 2 weeks ago and I have a mix of CIN 1,2 and 3 when my smear only came back as low level changes, I think that she took this many to definitely confirm that I had the higher changes as otherwise I wouldn’t be offered a LLETZ. I’m very grateful it’s nothing worse at this stage as that’s what was at the back of my mind and hopefully it’s all been picked up quickly now.

As far as I know I had one, but from reading lots of these posts I’m confused as to why - I had LLTEZ there and then so I wonder why I would also need it to be tested! If I’m honest, I have read a lot of these posts the last few days and it really feels like many people have experienced many different things.

This isn’t something I’ve heard of either to be honest, unless they meant sending away the material removed during the LLETZ to be analysed as a biopsy? Honestly I completely agree, none of this seems very standardised!

Now i am concerned i think the doctor def took more than 5 samples for me.