Colposcopy - 1st one!


I posted here a few weeks ago about my abnormal smear - today I had my first colposcopy. I’m 24.

At my procedure my consultant said that I’ve had more changes since my first smear which was almost a month ago and that my cervix is covered in abnormal cells. Thankfully it still looks mild.

She had taken 3 biopsies, did anyone else have the same? I thought it was usually 1.

Fingers crossed for good results.

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Hi! I was the same, my gyno took multiple biopsies from various areas even though I only had 1 area showing abnormality. I think well versed doctors do this to be 100% sure they aren’t missing something. I was grateful had multiple taken so as to be sure nothing was missed!

Definitely not abnormal :slight_smile:

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Multiple biopsies are taken because one alone might miss HSIL (cells that are likely to grow into a tumour)