Biopsy at colposcopy

Hi all

I'm new to the forum and wanted to say hello, and that this is such a great place for advice and support, I'm so glad I found it!

Sorry if something like this has been posted before but I just wanted some reassurance! 

I received a letter saying I needed a colposcopy after abnormal cells were detected in my smear. At the colposcopy appointment before the examination I was told the smear had shown high grade changes.

The colposcopy confirmed the high grade changes and the colposcopist took two biopsies, which will determine how deep the abnormal cells are to see if I need them (and I'm paraphrasing massively here) "burned off or dug out". They said the results will be back in two weeks. 

Having read through a few posts on the forum, many people have had treatment at the same time, so I am worrying a bit now that it is something more serious, as I didn't. 

I'm really disappointed at myself for waiting too long between smears too. I had a really awful and uncomfortable one once and it put me off, but that's not an excuse I know. 

I'm trying not to worry too much, but any reassurance words would be appreciated! 


Ps Does anyone else struggle to pronounce 'colposcopy'? I think I'm on my fifth version of it now ?


Hi! I don't know if this is any reassurance, but I didn't have a procedure done at my colposcopy. I had biopsies as you mentioned but they wanted to see what they showed before they did anything. I got my letter back very quickly and only have a week between my letter arriving and my procedure which is an LLETZ. everyone on here is really helping me feel positive about it, so I hope you find that too. 
but in short - I was the same so I don't think you need to worry, I think it's just wise for them to wait to see the biopsy results first x

True of me too as there was decrepancy between smear and biopsy 

still was fine though- had my Lletz yesterday x

Yes that's a massive help! Thank you ? 

Good to hear, hope the LLETZ went well ?

seems to be so far -thank you 


I had expected to have the LLETZ at the same time as my biopsies, but the consultant wanted to wait and see what the biopsies showed. Also had two taken, took a few weeks to get the results and booked in for LLETZ tomorrow.

I'm also guilty of going too long between smears, had 1 at 25, and then not again until last year (age 32!) where they found I was HPV positive but no abnormal cells and no colposcopy. Invited back again this year to find HPV still present... and so it all began.

I know its incredibly hard, but hold onto the hope that everything will be sorted either way. They are so advanced nowadays, I'm sure we will all be looking back at this in years to come wondering what we were so worried about!

Sending lots of hugs xx

Thank you. My gap between smears is loooong. Hope the LLETZ goes well today x