Biopsy results appt

Hello all,

I’m waiting for biopsy results after colposcopy, my smear results showed hpv+ and high grade (severe) dyskaryosis. Tomorrow will be 4 weeks since colposcopy and hysteroscopy, I had a uterine polyp removed at the same time as the colposcopy and that was sent for analysis at the same time as the cervix biopsy.

I had a letter at the weekend with an appt for Tuesday 18th but it doesn’t really say what it’s for? I’m assuming it’s for the results but it says:

‘During your clinic appointment it is likely it will be necessary for the doctor to perform a clinical vaginal (internal) examination (+/ - vaginal ultrasound scan and other investigations)‘

I’ll call tomorrow and see if they can give any more info, but has anyone else had similar? Is it likely that this will be for LLETZ, but wouldn’t it say that? I’m hoping the fact that it’s a week away means it’s not anything more sinister than what my smear results have said but with junior dr strikes this week I can’t help but wonder because it’s still very soon!

Any advice would be much appreciated, thank you for reading xxx

I was in a similar positon to you so just wanted to stop by and offer some empathy, it’s a confusing scary time isn’t it and the lack of information in the letters really doesn’t help.

I’m actually still waiting for my colposcopy and biopsy results from a month ago, but while I was waiting I got a letter just telling me my ‘appointment had been cancelled’, when that was the first I’d heard I was having a follow up appointment, no other info.
When I rang the clinic they explained the appointment would have been made for me when my results were typed up but then the strikes were announced so it was automatically cancelled and I got the letter, before my results could even be signed off and sent to me.
Anyway, they explained on the phone they wanted me to come for LLETZ treatment, and got me an appointment a couple of days later, which I’ve now had.
Don’t be alarmed if they don’t give you much info over the phone, they verbally told me my biopsy results at the LLETZ appointment but wouldn’t even discuss when I called previously.

Thinking of you, let us know how you get on x

Thank you, it really is frustrating isn’t it? I get why they can’t say anything over the phone but I honestly wouldn’t mind - I’d prefer to just know, the waiting is the hardest bit! I also need to know for work what’s going on at the appt that day, I work in a school so need to sort cover asap if I won’t be back in that day.

Fingers crossed you get your results soon! xx

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It is really tough. If you can I’d suggest getting cover for that whole day if you’re having LLETZ, you’ll want to rest up after and better to not have work hanging over you