2nd colposcopy in 8 weeks!

Hi all,
Getting a little bit anxious at the moment.
(Short history)
Had consistent abnormal smears and colposcopies for about 10 years
Had 3 Lletz procedures (last one Aug18)
Last smear was March 21 results were HPV -ve but abnormal cell showing so referred again for colposcopy.
Only received colposcopy appointment in April 22 after endless chasing up (apparently I was deleted from their system🤔)
Anyways I am at the 8 week mark awaiting results and I get a phone call yesterday afternoon from gynaecology at a different hospital from my usual to say they want me in this afternoon for further colposcopy and biopsies!
I did ask if it was anything to worry about as I hadn’t received results yet. and she stated “no, I’ve got your results here and dr will need to take biopsies) feeling it’s a bit sudden, confused and a bit worried.
I know I don’t have long to wait but thought I’d ask if any of you ladies have had similar? Xx