Rant about biopsy result wait times!

Hi all,

I am not after any advice, just wanted a little rant!

So a bit of background, I am 26 and I had lletz treatment for CIN2 last May after my first smear came back abnormal and HR HPV+. My margins were clear. At my 6 month check up, I was still HR HPV+ with low grade abnormalities, so I was referred to a colposcopy again.

I had my colposcopy on the 11th Jan, where the Dr wasn’t worried but took one biopsy to make sure. I was told the results would take 4-6 weeks. It is now coming up to 7 weeks of waiting and my anxiety is creeping back in again. I have called a few times to chase the results. Last week I was told that they have my results but the consultant needed to review them and send out the letter. I have called this morning and was told that the Dr was meant to come in on Friday to review his notes, however, because of a strike he has been called away… So who knows when it will be reviewed.

I know the Dr wasn’t worried at the colposcopy, but I just want the results to put my mind at ease. I found the whole process so difficult and recovering from the lletz. I am terrified of going through it again, I am only 26 so I don’t want anymore treatment.

Thank you for anyone who read this. I just needed to get it off my chest and I know a lot of people on here will understand! x


Not much to add, just to say I absolutely feel you!!! All the uncertainty is one of the worst things about this entire experience. I hope everyone waiting gets answers soon.

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Thank you for responding! Yes, it’s the unknown that’s the scariest part, the anxiety only goes away when you have the results. I hope all is okay with you x

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I feel you too! I just had my colposcopy yesterday, it’s not the best experience in the world but neither is a smear test! Little background I’ve had 2 smears both positive for HPV, the 2nd one came back with low grade dyskaryosis. They took a biopsy but didn’t tell me why, I did ask but I guess they didn’t want to scare me they just said it’s just to check and make sure it’s not cancer, that they want to prevent it turning to cancer, the wait for the colposcopy was bad enough! I’ve got the job centre on at me to find another job and at this point in time I’m not in the right frame of mind to look! It never rains but it pours!
The wait for these results is gonna be a niggle in the back of my mind. Fingers crossed we all get an all clear xx


Oh I completely understand. I don’t think they like to say anything until you’ve got the results in case they’re wrong! So I wouldn’t worry too much. I also think it’s very standard to do a biopsy, even when you’ve got low grade cells, just to make sure! I haven’t seen many people go for a colposcopy and not have a biopsy.

The waiting is definitely the hardest bit! I’m coming to week 8 of waiting for the results! Fingers crossed yours doesnt take that long and we both get good results! xx