Hi all, so I had a colposcopy and Lletz treatment nearly 4 weeks ago. They did a biopsy and last week I phoned the hospital for my results and they said they had received them but the doctor hasnt looked at them yet but to call back if I dont hear within a week. 

So today I called back and they said another report had to  be done and just come through today and the doctor has to have a look at them. I asked what it meant and the lady said she wasn’t fully sure but basically more tests had to be done and has just come through. Should I be worried? When I had my procedure I had severe high grade CIN 3 and the doctor who did my colposcopy said I had a large area of abnormal cells and they were mainly central. When she first looked her whole face dropped and she asked for another doctor to come in to take a mum was with me and soon as she saw the doctors face change my mum said straight away dont worry as her face just looked full of fear. 

Im thinking that if it was anything bad the results would of come through a lot sooner by now? I Know it has been Easter but I would of thought it would of been sooner if was anything bad. I’m 26 with 2 beautuful girls and really stressing now! 

Not really sure what im expecting as never posted in here before, maybe just some reassurance. 

Thank you xxx


Did you hear anything after?

I can't offer any advice but am on the waiting game myself

I've been told I have HPV., cell changes on my colposcopy but unable to do a cervical cell sample as after my previous treatment by cervix has sealed shut so I can't have period which are now building up inside me