Multiple Punch Biopsies

Hi there! I had my first abnormal pap 3 weeks ago and my GP immediately sent me to a gynecologist for a colposcopy. I did a little bit of research beforehand but wasn't really prepared for the procedure. It hurt more than I expected. My doctor ended up taking 5 biopsies. The nurse told me after that she had worked at his clinic for 2 years and hadn't seen anyone get that many before. Talk about freaking me out! 

They booked me for a follow-up appointment 4 weeks later but I got a call from his office today asking me to come in on Tuesday of next week to discuss my results with him. I only had my colposcopy on November 16th which means my results will be in less than 2 weeks. 

Has anyone else had that many biopsies at the same time before? And should I be more worried because of the speed of the results? Please help! 


Hi there,

I just wanted to reach out and send some kind words your way. It is terrifying when everything happens so quickly. There is no second guessing what they are going to say but rest assured they are clearly on the ball. 

I would definitely take someone with you so no matter what they say you have support and someone to take in info for you. 

I am also sorry to hear the appointment where they took the biopsies was painful. i would feed that back when you get a chance. I was told to say if I was in pain and they would administer further anaesthetic. 

Feel free to DM me and let us know how it goes. 

Em x