Normal smear but 6 biopsies taken during Colposcopy - very nervous

Hi All


I am wondering if anyone has had a similar experience to me. I had a smear 2 weeks ago after having post-coital bleeding. My GP thought he could see a Polyp and said that might be causing it so referred me for a Colposcopy.

My smear results came back as normal, like they always have so I just figured I would turn up to the appointment and be told everything was fine.

During the Colposcopy the Dr said that she could see some areas of abnormality that she wanted to look at and she also said that the thing my GP thought was a polyp wasn't that (but she couldn't clarify exactly what it was).

The Dr also hadn't been made aware of my normal smear results which was a bit concerning. She took 6 punch biopsies which I thought was rather alot. I was in shock by this point so all my well thought out questions went flying out the window. I basically just left the appointment in a daze knowing I had to wait for results.

The Dr said I had a small cervix so I did wonder if that was why she didn't offer any immediate treatment to remove the abnormal areas, I can only assume so. She did freak me out slightly by saying that she would wait on the results then devise a suitable treatment plan as 'I'm still young' (I'm 26).

No idea what that was supposed to mean but I am now a bit concerned that my smear was a-ok but as soon as she had a look she noticed a problem. Has anyone had a similar experience at all?



I ended up working myself into quite a state yesterday after my posting so rang my GP to see what he thought. He then decided as my Colposcopy had shown abnormality that he could admit that when he first examined me my cervix did look 'rather unusual'. Not exactly a compliment. He did say that the best care is baby steps so that nothing un-necessary is taken away if not required which seems logical, however I'm still feeling pretty scared about getting my results as I stupidly thought a normal smear meant it was all ok Frown My GP said that I got my colposcopy referral very quickly after my smear (less than 2 weeks) so he said if there is something wrong I'll hear sooner rather than later. Never been so nervous about the postman visiting!

Hi! Just read your posts and can tell how worried u are and I understand why!. I'm also stressing about my own cervical issues so just wanted to say u r not on your own. I've also been on the phone to my gp today wanting reassurance but not really getting it!. i hope all turns out ok for u!. I try and focus on the fact I personally know a number of women who have been through what we r going through now and were all successfully treated and able to put it behind them!. Xx 

Thank you for replying Shelley, really appreciate it. The waiting is horrendous but thankfully for the majority of people the results will be a relief when they arrive. Best to stay optimistic! :-)