Punch biopsy following colposcopy

Hi! I’m new to this...

So basically from my first smear test at 25 I’ve had abnormal smears, first one being CIN 2 & CIN 3, which resulted in having treatment, from this point I’ve been having yearly checks, due to each of my smear tests coming back as low grade changes. Each year I’ve been back to colposcopy, even had a second opinion, nothing could be seen. Went for my smear/colposcopy on Tuesday and again, nothing could be seen. They have a new machine which basically scans deeper into the cervix to pick up abnormalities that aren’t immediately visible to the eye. 3 out of 8 scans were abnormal and had to have 3 punch biopsies taken. It’s going to be the longest 4 week wait but I’m worried about the results! Has anyone else had this problem before? I’ve trawled the internet for potential answers to what it could be but nothing frown xx

Hey :)

I have CIN3 (took 6 weeks to be told that) after cervical screen.  Yday I had a Colposcopy, signs were visible and so had; mirena removed, diathermy loop excision and a biopsy taken (although no one told me how many as they just got on with it). 

Re. results, they've told me I'm likely to hear in 4-6 weeks.  Which is SOOOOOO LOOOOOOOONG.  I was wondering if that's what you meant?  Whether any one else has had to wait this long?  If so, I've been told this too.  So I hear ya sister!!!

Sending you positive vibes! You aren't in it alone!


Hi Cielobuttercup!

the wait is ridiculously long, it’s nearly been a week already and it feels like it’s been 4! It’s more the lack of end results that I seem to be getting, something is showing up every time, but they have no idea why as they can’t see any changes or abnormalities during the colposcopy. I know the only thing I can do is wait to see what the biopsy results are but a wait this long puts you on edge so much! Especially when she said if they came back with nothing I will need to see the head of gynaecology to try and figure out what’s going on ☹️ XX