Hello All

My Daughter recieved her smear reasults exactly a week ago and went for her coloposcopy today, she was very lucky to have had it so quick. She has high risk hpv and low grade changes according to her smear but when she went today the nurse said it looks like cin 3 so she had three punch biopsies and was told results should be back in a couple of weeks. Shes seems fine its me thats worried

hi there I had these results after my smear I too had colposcopy with 3 punch biopsies taken its been 2 weeks and I phoned the clinic today and my results have been posted already its a very worrying time, however if ur daughters has been noted as cin3 then she will more than likely have treatment to remove the cells that are abnormal then repeat smear in 6 months time but try not to worry sweetie easier said than done I know fingers crossed for ur daughter take care xxxxxx


Aug 2014 abnormal smear with hpv

Sept 2014 colposcopy with 3 punch biopsies awaiting results


I am a victim of CCIN 3 on my first smear test too. 

Nothing to be worried with. Treatment is a LLETz procedure which is no more uncomfortable then the biopsy.  They burn the top layers affected off with a electric loop. Then takes 4 weeks to heal. Bit of bleeding bit of pain. The success rate is at 95% of not returning.  

It is only natural to feel emotional and worried. It is the unfortunate part of being a women and a huge amount of women will have abnormal cells and not even know as there are really symptons that can't be disguised as something else. 

Be glad of the nhs! And the medicine we have in this modern day. 

Thanks for the replies ladies. Shes been having a lot of discharge previous to this but has even more this morning she said, is this normal after biopsies? Many thanks