How long did you wait for colposcopy results?

Mine was over 2 weeks ago and called in yesterday but nothing. How long did you guys wait?

Update: results are in but receptionist wouldn't give them over the phone and said the nurse will call me back, does that mean it's bad? I'm freaking out

Hey aliZee, try not to panic some receptionist are not allowed to give results as they are not medically trained therefore and questions ypu may have they wouldn't be able to answer and would forward you onto a nurse anyway. If it was anything really bad im sure they would have called u and had you come in I think they teat the biopsy within a few days so know the regulars quickly just takes a while reporating the results back etc. I have my colp and biopsy yesterday it was awful experience and I'm feeling very under the weather with worry I too had borderline smear and hpv+ let me know how you get on and what they said big hugs xxx

Thanks. Sorry to hear about your experience, I was also very upset at my colposcopy/biopsy, I was in tears before and all the way through and i was very tearful and upset for about a week. It's been just over two weeks now and I'm doing fine, no pain or discharge and my sex life is back to normal. Good luck and take care, I will comment on this thread when I hear back if you're interested. Big hugs too

Hi! Try not to worry, mine arrived after 2 weeks but I could understand why the receptionist couldn't tell you. The histology report doesn't really mean anything to people who aren't medically trained and she is waiting for the nurse to be able to put it into English! I'm sure that's all it is :)  

It's horrible isn't it!! I cried from the min I Walkes in for the consultation all the way through too and then all the way home cried all day to a friend over a glasa of wine and lunch and still crying today at work!! It's horible feeling got light cramps and spotting today which is unpleasant :( hope I feel better I a week or too! Going to try not to think to much over it all and try and rest up!! I really hope your results are good news and u can put all this behind u until your next check up. Yes please let me know wpuld be great as u sound in similar position to me take care and stay positive!! Xxx

for the cramping, take some painkillers, it really made a difference for me! And don't worry, it will go away in a few days ;-)