biopsy results...still waiting

hi, i had my colposcopy on the 2nd dec...i ahve been waiting for my results and really panicing now as still havent had them, not sure whether its a good sign or not? id it normal to wait this long and then get bacd news it seems ages ago that i had the biopsies taken? any reasurance would be great and getting so concerned now. we were trying for a baby and have been for a yr now. i wont even have sex with my partner at the moment i am so panicy...xx

I got my results back from my colpo pretty quick, I would call your doctors office. Try not to worry to much untill you need to even though thats easier said than done. I just had a cone biopsy and I am waiting on those results now... 

thank you, will call the hosp on monday i think...she did say longest would be 4 weeks so no harm in asking x

yeah no harm at all I missed a call today about my cone biospy results. :(

I got my results back in 4 days so worth gving them a ring although this my thrid time high grade. 


Laurnejene sorry you missed your call, hope you got your results and they were good news xx can I please ask how you found thr cone bioscopy?

Hello hun, I waited almost 4 weeks for my biopsy results. Usually the longer they take, the better it is. As they say 'no news is good news' they tend to hurry your results if it's urgent and needs treating straight away. So I would try not to worry too much hun! Maybe give them a call for your own piece of mind. But they would usually fast track your results if they are particularly worried. Enjoy your Christmas and try to put it to the back of your mind :) hope this helps! Hugs xxx

thank you, will call tomoz, boyfriend says no news is good news too. its just that nothing was very clear, my original smear wasnt clear, and then she said what she could see at the colposcopy wasnt clear either so hopefully the biopsy will give more of an answer xx

My smear came back 'low grade dyskariyosis' and evidence of HPV. Which wasn't very clear either, at my colposcopy she confirmed I had high risk HPV but on doing the colposcopy said she 'couldn't really see anything' so it must have just been the smallest amount but took 2 biopsies anyway, which came back CIN1. No mention of HPV in my biopsy results though? So I asked for a copy of my pathology report which said from the biopsy was 'CIN1 and Koilocytosis' again, no mention of HPV. Koilocytosis is benign though which isn't a worry, but nothing was very clear and I'm still left with a little confusion, but decided to just get on with it cause worrying and over thinking will do me no good lol! They noted on my pathology 'no further action needed' so decided to watch and wait and referred me for another smear in a years time. Honestly hun, your immune system will take care of your body as long as you take care of your body, eat healthy, take your vitamins and hopefully it will clear any nastiness out of your body! That's if it's low grade - if it's high grade, after the treatment just do what you can to keep your body tip top! Feel free to PM me anytime if you need any advice or just someone to talk too about it :) take care hun! Xxx

and still waiting xxx

I had my colposcopy on the 4th Dec and I havent recieved any results however I rang the colposcopy nurses and she told me my results meant I needed treatment on 6th Jan, I was shocked and didnt ask many questions but I rang back again 7th Jan for more information and she said it was high grade, would not tell me if it was CIN 2 or CIN 3. This has caused me to worry more as I dont have appointment or answers and we are supposed to start trying for a baby this month :(

My mind has started to wander and think that I never had smear result, just a positive HPV result proir to colposcopy so now due to the "high grade" wording the nurse used I feel she might be talking about my smear result :S

I would say you should ring in for results but if you do, be prepared to ask them questions about specifics as I wish I didnt know now!

Sarah x