Just wondering generally how long people wait for their results??
I had my biopsy done on 16th Feb so …well, basically I am chasing the post man!
I know we’re to wait 2-3 weeks but CMON?!?

Hi I am exactly the same I'm 21 and have had symptoms for a while my dr skipped the smear and sent me straight to a colopscopist who took 3 biopsies which was the 23/2/17 and requested an ultrasound for the 27th (today) for me! I'm so anxious ive barely slept or ate since having the biopsy :/ as I was just hoping I have something else that has all same symptom :/ but with her saying my cervix went all white and her taking 3 biopsies I've been panicked ever since :/ of anyone can shed some light please do? 

Hi ladies,


The waiting game is just horrible isn't it?!


I had my colposcopy on 7th Feb (3 weeks ago today) and am still waiting for my biopsy results; the worst part was when leaving the doctor told me I could be in for a 4-6 weeks wait. He gave me a slip of paper with a number to ring if I haven't heard anything after 6 weeks as the results can sometimes be in but need signing by the doctor.


I'm hoping I hear sooner rather than later! Please don't think you're in for a similar wait, I live in Wales so waiting times are clearly longer here. If you have been told 2-3 weeks I'm sure you'll hear soon.


Fingers crossed we all get some positive news! Good luck ladies xx 

Morning ladies.


they don't give us any information, do they?! They put us in a situation and we all end up googling possible outcomes and any answers, I even watched YouTube videos of having the LLETZ biopsy!! (Don't do that!) 


i think there really needs needs to be some thought into how patients are communicated with in the future as literally every post on here is about women not having a bloody clue about what's going on and the severity of it all! 


LUCYE, your waiting times are absolutely horrific!! I hope they come soon and you're out of the misery that we have been put in! Xx 


im considering calling my doctor to see if he can possibly shed some light? maybe he has answers already and he will tell me? haha, I also know he won't, but I'm going to try!! 





i had mine on 14/2 and was told last Thursday that the results were back but had to be reviewed by the dr. They should do that today so I was told I could call tomorrow and see if a letter had been dictated for me. But if it has to go up to the MDT then it could be longer. 

The last two times I wasn't anxious at all And just waited 3/4 weeks for the letters to come through but this time has me all on edge. 

Hey I hope you get your results soon and all is sorted and well! let us know how it all goes! X I 

I got my results. 


CIN3 and high grade CGIN. I'm gutted 

I too am in the waiting game. I just want to know what needs doing, if anything, as I hate not having a plan of action. The joys of the unknown eh! 

I'm so sorry about your results, I hope they get you in there and get everything sorted for you asap. Sending love and positivity you way. 

Good luck everyone else who is waiting, do keep us updated on how you get on <3 

Kirsty, I'm so sorry to hear it! Has your doctor given you any options for an attack plan yet? How are you feeling, are you ok? 

I just went for my colposcopy after having an awful autumn. I've had a cone biopsy, and this will have been my 3 month check up. Abnormal pap, another colposcopy with punch biopsies, wash, rinse, repeat....Now I'm waiting until Wednesday to get my results and I'm scared to death and feel as though I have nowhere to turn. 

I hope your doctor can put you at ease with a plan to get rid of the bad stuff asap! 

Hey spindizzy, you sound like you're having an awful time And I'm so sorry about that. I feel like I'm also trapped and confused... I don't really know what's going on just that its now also glandular and they're going to have a meeting about me. 8 called the lady on the phone and she basically put the feelers out about me having a hysterectomy since I already have two children but im only 27.... I'm genuinely more concerned about my family as it's really upset them, My Mam on the most part and I keep reassuring her that everything's fine but im absolutely terrified...I have no one to talk to because my partner is never here and when he is, unless it's about his ego he doesn't have the capacity to concentrate so I'm pretty stuck! I have to wait four months for whatever they're going to do with me next and I think that's whats got me most. perhaps if I could just have it done straight away and that'd be it but... ah. i dunno.  I'm sure it'll all work out in the end!! 


Lwt me me know how you get on! Xxx 

Kirsty P I'm sorry to hear your results require further treatment.


Hopefully they have caught whatever they have found early and you are offerered the best treatment to shift it! Did the doctor give you any indication at your colposcopy that it was high grade (or did your smear results come back highgrade?). It's such an anxious time isn't it?!


I'm still waiting for my biopsy results, day 23 now!


Thinking of you, positive vibes! xx

So, I had my regular smear, it came back as severe dyskarosis... went to the colposcopy and had the loop biopsy... then my results said I have CIN3 and high grade CGIN and that they didn't remove it all... so I called up the lady and she said they'd have the meeting about me and discuss my options but hopefully they'd just do another biopsy and if that fails then i have to get the hysterectomy.. well, I assume I don't HAVE to... but it'll be in my best interest... in wondering if I can just opt for hysterectomy now to jut save all the hassle? im sick of having things done and then being worried and waiting and then doing it all's getting on my nerves haha. i have to wait four months for whatever treatment I get... it's like torture!! 

It is such a long time isn't it?! It almost feels like the waiting becomes part of your life because you get used to the feeling of constantly waiting for an appointment or results.


Hopefully you will come away from your meeting having had all of your questions answered and feeling much more reassured and educated as the what happends next.


Sending you lots of luck xx