how do you know if HRT isn't working

hi all

i just wanted to see what everyones thoughts were on this.

I have been on my HRT (elleste 1mg) for 5 months now and although i do not have the hot flushes/sweats.  i would say i do not have the energy i once had and my fuse seems to be shorter.  i am thinking that my dosage may not be quite right for me.

anyway i'm curious as to whether anyone else has changed their HRT around.  And how they knew it wasn't working




Hi Pat,

I've often wondered the same thing, how do you know if it's working?  But I don't feel any different from before I started taking it so it must be working.  I've never had a hot flush and my energy levels are ok I think.  My belly is a bit bigger but to be honest that's probably because I gave up smoking before my op and replaced cigarettes with cake ;-).  So can't really blame that on HRT....  I think my fuse is ok too, lol.

I'm pretty sure that I read low energy levels and achey joints could mean you need to up your dosage.  I'm also on Elleste Solo but the 2mg version.  So maybe uping the dose will help?  Worth having a chat with your doctor for sure!


Tess xx



hi Tes

I am going back to my GP this week, as i think they need to be upped.



Hi Pat

My GP initially put me on 1 mg Elleste after surgery which I didn't feel was enough.  My oncology nurse and consultant advised I would need a high dose due to my age (38) and I asked my GP to increase the dose to 2 mg.  I changed doctors to a more experienced female doctor too and she was happy to increase it and said everyone is different in the dosage required to feel 'normal'.  I must say I feel better for it - my energy is increased and I don't feel many menopause effects.

However, my fuse is shorter and I still lack some of the energy I had before diagnosis though and I feel that is probably partly caused by the stress of diagnosis and treatment.  It is slowly getting better (stress at work hasn't helped) and over time I am hopeful that will naturally improve as a I recover emotionally.  Remember, it's not just the physical side we have to recover from but the emotional side too and that takes longer to heal but we will get there :o)

Good luck with the GP.

Take care

Kirsty x




thanks for the tip there, my prescription came from my GP and she initially thought 2mg but then we decided to go with the 1mg which in my mind made sense start off low and build up if it doesn't work.  i would agree that the younger GP's can be a little more inexperienced in these matters, i am probably the first CC case mine has had to deal with.  Still dealing with somone who displays empathy helps and the fact she wants to work with me is also positive.  

If theres one thing i've learnt from all this is that you have to be an advocate of your own health as much as the professionals!