Anyone use fem 7

Hi ladies,

does anyone out there have any experience of fem 7 as an HRT option. I was given it in hospital without any discussion, and wondering if there are better options out there or if it's ok.


Mollz xxx

Hi.. I have an appointment in Tuesday with my consultant to discuss HRT. I've had to wait until 6 weeks Post op to begin. I'll let you know what they recommend to me once I've been. I'm desperate to get started though as the Hot sweats are awful for me. 

Hi Mollz,

I have been using Climagest 1mg for 5 months now and they work really well for me. Not a hint of a hot flush, sleeping pattern is so much better and the bone aching feeling has gone. I know they are not suitable for everyone so check with your oncologist or gp which ones are suitable for you, my understanding is if your cancer was hormone receptive you will not be able to take the combined HRT.

Big hugs, Mandy xxx

Hi Molly...I have been looking into HRT and I'm seeing my gp about it all next week. My consultants told me I cannot use any with progesterone in it as I don't have a uterus anymore, and fem7 does have it??? I want to use patches! How are your symptoms? I'm 3 months post hyst and haven't had a hot flush yet! Xxx

Hi all thanks for your replies. I'm pretty sure fem 7 is oestrogen only, although they did put it on my shoulder so that's not a great indication that they were fully informed! I still feel hot a lot of the time but then I've had a horrible uti this week and been a bit fluey. Do you need HRT if you have managed three months without? The patches are bit rubbish, one only lasted 2 days before it came off in the shower!

Molly xxx