Esterelle duo HRT

Hi ladies 

Has anyone else taken this HRT??

I have just been prescribed it today as I have gone in to early menopause following chemo/rads.

Just a bit scared as heard all sorts re HRT :(



I am on Estelle Solo 2mg (slightly different from Duet because I had a radical hysterectomy).  Just to reassure you I haven't had any issues and settled onto it well.  I've been on it for about 6 months now.

I originally started off with patches but didn't get on with them. got very frustrated cleaning off the sticky patches :(

I assume you've probably already started taking it, how are you getting on?

Best wishes

Kirsty x


I had a radical anterior hysterectomy and my bladder removed in 2012 now and am struggling abit now with hot flushes very bad mood swings, depressed, weight gain and taking this out on my family which I know is wrong but I keep flying off the handle and this is not me. I'm thinking, well seriously want to go on the HRT, would anyone recommend this as I feel like I'm gonna go crazy if not?? Any advice would be appreciated xx