Early 30s Menopause after treatment - non HRT advice

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hope you're all doing okay in these strange times xx 

I'm just wondering if there is anyone on here who is post treatment, menopause, and not taking HRT?? I'm 3 years post treatment now and as much as I try not to let it get me down, I'm really struggling with my hips and bones, besides the aches, pains, etc.  I'm starting to sound like a 1 woman band of clicks & creaks winklaughing ha! 

I've been taking vit D, B6 which seem to have kept things at bay but I'm worried whether I should be taking something else? I've asked about HRT and been given very grey answers but also told because of where my cancer was that I shouldn't have it...I've been back to the GP to ask for a referral to a menopause specialist recently because I'm worried about how this affects things and further down the line with only being early 30's...

Has anyone else had this or got any advice? 

Lots of love ❤️ 

Hi bumblebee, i just taught id pop in and share my experience with the menopause,  i was simalr to yourself and was 34 when i start going through the menopause,  my team didn feel comfortable givin me hrt , so for two yrs i went through the change until i couldn take the hot flushes any more , so i brought it up with my team and they told me there was an antidepressant i could take that was non hormonal,  and its been amazing no more flushes , reduced night sweats and no more anxiety,  its the best decision i ever made i would of never taken them in the past , but im so glad i started on them , hope this helps , melissa x x

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Hi Melissa, 


thanks so much for your reply! 

sorry you've gone through it too, but thanks that's really helpful. Glad you found something that helped. I'll definitely ask about it.

Sending love ❤️ ?


Hi There

Just to share my experience post surgery. I was diagnosed with a stage 1b adenocarcinoma in October 2019 and underwent a radical hysterectomy and removal of lymph nodes. I was initially prescribed HRT, which completely messed me up.

I found a Naturopath who specializes in natural treatment of menopausal symptoms. She recommended I use a natural progesterone cream and a phyto estrogen called pureria mirifica. I have been using both of these since January last year and have experienced relatively few menopausal symptoms. I am 39. I use between 100mg and 200mg of pureria mirifica daily and when I feel the symptoms of low estrogen (low mood, palpitations, hot flushes and anxiety) I adjust the dose myself. 

Mu naturopath is called Judy Evans and she is fantastic. She has a Facebook group called progesterone link. It is a closed group but you can become a member quite easily by joining the group.

I buy all of my supplements from here at a very reasonable price. 

She also does consultations but you can get a lot of info from the Facebook group and she responds to post personally for free. 

I really hope this helps as I feel your pain and without this alternative to HRT, I would be a totally different person. 

Good luck


Hi Hannah, 


thanks so much for your reply! That's helpful to know, thanks :) 

Gosh I feel like it's an absolute minefield at times ??  

I had chemorads and brachytherapy so still have my ovaries, so I've been told HRT might not be possible cause of the increased risk of ovarian and womb cancers but I'm going to ask whether the progesterone only options or what other alternatives there are. I'd got a bit lost with it all if I'm honest and fed up with asking my GP but I saw one of the girls I follow on social media talking about it and it really gave me the boost I needed, and all this info really helps too!! :) 


the mood swings are an absolute mare aren't they ?? I will gladly take anything that helps!! 


sending love 



Yes I understand HRT can increase the risk of womb cancer. 

If you still have your ovaries then natural progesterone cream might be worth looking into. I only use a phytoestrogen as my body produces pretty much zero estrogen on its own! 

If you want more info, take a look at this website. It has lots on there in relation to the benefits of using a natural progesterone rather than a synthetic one.


All of this post cancer shit can be a real bummer at times and it is hard to find anyone who can support. My consultant told me that cervical cancer is dying out now because of the HPV jab young girls get, which is great, but I find that not too many people have had the same experience as me, particularly at my age. 

More than happy to help if you ever need any support or someone who understands what a nightmare it can be sometimes! 

Take care



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What cancer did you have? I had hpv related on therefore I was advised to take hrt due to my age. My CN nurse said that the positives out weighed the negatives and I had such a small chance of getting another cancer. I've been on hrt (duo) and I have been OK. 

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Thank you so much for posting this. I'm 37 and I finished my chemo/radio and brachytherapy end of feb and I'm already having hot flushes, joint pain etc. I have been recommended I go on HRT and I'm seeing someone private. He is discussing a gel and patches.  I haven't been told the increase risk of my cancer coming back? Only breast cancer? I also didn't know there was a more natural route I could go down. 

I'll look into this, thank you 

Leanne x 

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I was told the benifits out weigh the risks. Basically the % increase of cancer is basically like having an extra glass of wine a week. I'd rather not have menapause symptoms tbh. I'm on  bioidentical hormones - a estrodot patch 75mg, estragon vaginal tablets, an oral progesterone tablet and testosterone gel. Within 2 weeks I feel human and more like my old self. 

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Hi ladies,

Sorry for the late reply, haven’t been on here for a while!!

Thanks for replying, sounds like a few people have had good experiences with HRT!

I’ve managed to start on a progesterone tablet and the oestrogel so hopefully it will help :slight_smile: I think my cancer was hpv… my biopsies never confirmed my grading or type, however I did have high hpv from my smear test results.

Has anyone had any problems with HRT?

Love and hugs :heart:

Can I ask what you decided? I have CC stage 3 and I’m post treatment 6montjs NED but my doctor wants me to take HRT and I’m worried about it.
Thanks hope your well
Jemma xx

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Hi Jemma!

So I saw a menopause specialist and they said that the benefits outweigh the risks for me, and suggested I start with progesterone tablets and oestrogel… I’ve been on it a couple of months now and still figuring out my doses, but hoping it’s helping. I feel like it’s still a bit of a minefield if I’m honest and I’m not sure if it’s for me (not sure if it’s because I’m 4 years post treatment and so long since I had this level of hormones :crazy_face:) but I’m gonna give a little longer to see. Following Dr. Newsom is really informative and helps my mind not go as crazy with the what if’s…

Hope you manage to get sorted Jemma, maybe speaking to a menopause specialist could help decide if it’s right for you, I asked my GP to refer me and they did after some prompting :slight_smile:

Sending lots of love xxx

Hi Bumblebees

Sorry I think I must have missed your reply.
I have finally got a GP to call me back tomorrow
Hoping I can ask him.some questions. . I think I just feel sad that I’m going through it and was in denial about it. At 39 I was hoping for a family but it was not meant to be the natural way. Thanks for your advice hope your doing well xx

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