Hi all,

Now I've finished my treatment (chemo, rads, brachy) I've been told I'll have hrt. I am fairly young (nearly 30) and reading the risks and side effects has scared me!

is anyone on it? Are you ok? 

Anyone decided against having it?


Hi. I have the oestrogen only patches called elleste solo 40mg and have been absolutely fine on them! I was having a few flushes and the patches sorted them out within a few days. No side effects, feel fine! Xxx

Hi Sweet Pea!

I'm on Elleste solo 80mg patches and they suit me just fine. I was told there are no real risks to me taking it until I get to the age when I would have had a natural menopause. Basically, they are just giving you back a bit of the oestrogen you'd have had if you still had two fully-functioning ovaries. It does give you some protection against osteoporosis. The increase in risk of breast cancer is very, very small. Of course, some people can't take it for other reasons but as long as you're not on that list you should be fine.

Good luck!


Hi, I just started my HRt after treatments finished Sept 15. When you read about the side effects on the pamphlet inside the HRT packaging it tells you that the listed side effects and posed risks and warnings etc are based on women 65+ so these findings will be different for younger people like us. There isn't much research done for HRT pills for our age so these side effects are quite general.

Also, prior to taking the HRT pills, Vagifem and Kliofem, I was having hot flushes every hour or so and night sweats which meant I'd be sleeping in a towel some nights! The HRT has definitely stopped all this which is great.

On top of this, the advantage of taking hormones at our age when our body is not supposed to be getting deprived from it is that it helps with the prevention of osteoporosis affecting our bones. 

I had an appointment after two weeks of the HRT pills to see how they were with me: mood swings etc which was good as that would have been my chance to change them or discuss with doctor. All the best, I know it sucks taking medicine everyday!