Menopausal Meltdowns

Hi guys,

Anyone else feel like they will never get out of feeling rubbish with the menopause?
I’ve had a really rough week with low moods and severe fatigue. I’ve put on weight and cannot fit into my clothes. I’ve cried everyday this week and got snappy which isn’t me at all. Not fair on my partner or step child to have to put up with it either. I’ve just requested to up my antidepressants.
I am on Estrogen cream but the doctor won’t put me on any other HRT. I lead a fairly active lifestlye and a balanced diet but I cannot fit into my clothes. I feel 62 instead of 32. How can this go on? No one warns you about this at the time of diagnosis. You are left to carry on with things :frowning: . Can any one esle relate? I feel so lonely, anxious and miss the old me :frowning:

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Aww I’m so sorry to hear this and feel so frustrated that your GP or gynae team are not supporting you on this. Unfortunately, you are going to have to push your GP and get him/her to change your prescription as clearly it’s not working. I feel your pain, I have experienced everything you are going through and it’s awful, you kind of lose your identity as the symptoms change the way you think, and turn you into some kind of crazy person. However, you need to remember your body is lacking in hormones which is why you are feeling like you are. HRT helps a lot! But also remember your body is changing, we can’t turn the clock but can embrace the future. Be kind to yourself xxx

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Hi Japear

I was lucky enough to have a natural menopause at the usual sort of age however because of my own difficulties with it (long story) I’ve come to feel very strongly about the fact that many GPs are poorly educated about the condition. A menopause that is due to the kind of treatment we’ve had must be particularly hard because unlike a natural menopause the change in hormones is very sudden so you haven’t had the opportunity to adapt more gradually.

I would suggest trying again with your GP but possibly a different one at the surgery; you could enquire if any of the GPs have a special interest in menopause. If you continue to have difficulties getting support another option, if affordable, is to consider seeing a menopause specialist privately. I’ve heard good things about Dr Louise Newson; you can find out more about her via her website:



Hi sorry your feeling like this I know how u feel I had a complete abdominal hysterectomy on the 28th July and all I’ve done is cry and be moody and I’ve pushed everyone away and been laying in my bed depressed can’t have any hrt until my results come back didn’t realise how hard this is and how depressed it makes u feel xx

Hi Japear,

Sorry you’ve been feeling like that lovely, I totally hear ya with the 32 going on 62 thing!
I’ve really struggled to come to terms with all the menopausal stuff, its awful feeling like you’ve got no control over things.

Things I found helped were B6 (i drank a lot of those green teas with b6 in and I found that helped with mood and flushes), accupunture also helps, and star flower (If you can take it) really helped with my moods too.

If your wanting to explore HRT, Could you request a referral to a menopause specialist? I think a lot of GPs are reluctant or over cautious to prescribe HRT with CC. It’s taken me 4 years to get onto HRT and that was only after i askes for the specialist referral. There are some really informative pages on Insta and Facebook which are linked to Dr.Newson.

Hope this week has been better for you xxx