HRT and Headaches

Hi Ladies, 

Just after a bit of HRT related advice!

I have suffered with migraines since my early teens, so you can imagine how delighted I was that throughout my first 12 weeks of being on HRT I didn't have a single headache.This was despite going through recovery from a Radical Hysterectomy etc.

When I went to my GP to get my next prescription I was told by the chemist that they could not get the same brand that I had previously had ( Zumenon 1mg) and so after consulting with the doc they gave me Elleste Solo 1mg. Thing is, in the 2 weeks that I've been taking these now I have had really bad headaches for at least 10 of the 14 days! I spoke to my GP who said that the medication was the same, just a different brand name, but i'm not convinced.

Had anyone else had anything similar? 

Greta x


I have always suffered with migraines and found mine improved after surgery and starting hrt too.  I still get migraines with weather, stress and other factors but definitely much less often!

i started with patches but changed quickly as I found them inconvenient.  i have now been on elleste 2 mg for nearly 3 years.  I was initially put on 1 mg elleste by my consultant but cns advised this was low for a surgically induced menopause and because I was feeling tired and having menopause symptoms this was increased by my gp who agreed.  It has definitely helped And been fine for me but everyone is different.  It may be worth seeing if another product would be better or actually if you need a stronger dose.  Have you had any menopause symptoms?

best wishes

Kirsty x

Hi Kirsty,

Thanks for your reply.

No, not had any other menopausal symptoms just the headaches and migraines. Perhaps I'm just stressing about the reappearance of the headaches, just a few weeks ago I was talking to my GP about gradually reducing the dosage of beta blockers that I take, and now that isn't really an option!!

Popping back to see my doc next week,  but I'm also off on holiday next week to so hopefully the relaxation will help.

Thanks again,

Greta xx 

Hi Greta,

Not the same medicine, but I once had a reaction to a generic version of my birth control pill. Apparently it was the same as the branded version but I think my body did not agree with whatever else they mixed in with the key drug. If I were you I would speak to your GP and get another prescription for the branded version, the pharmacy should be able to order it in, or you could use an alternative pharmacy. It may well be something completely different, but it is worth a try to eliminate it as a cause for your migraines. You deserve a break after what you have been through x x