Testosterone Treatment

Hi girls…I have recently changed onto new HRT. I feel ok however my libido as flatlined. The consultant at Let’s Meet suggested Testosterone treatment but my GP doesn’t know how to prescribe it as apparently it is no longer licensed for women. I can’t get hold of the consultant from Let’s Meet & was wondering if anyone here has any experience of accessing this type of treatment for lack of libido? Thanks.x

Hi lulu i know i replied on the other forum to u but could i just ask which type of hrt u are on thanx rach xx 

Hi, I am now on Elleste Solo 2mg which is an Estradiol HRT. Hope this helps.X

Hi Lu-lu,

I'm still waiting for my appoitnment to come through with the lady we saw at Lets Meet (apparently they've sent her two letters so I'm guessing she's busy!) but as soon as I see her I will ask how you can be referred if that is any help.  My specialist nurse said it is very diffucult to get it prescribed which is why they use this particular lady.  I am really hoping that it's going to help me, David Beckham could strip off and launch himself at me and I wouldn't be interested at the moment!!


Hi there. I was prescribed testosterone gel by my consultant, patches by my GP and had an implant with another gynaecologist (not my oncologist). Don’t have an implant!! GPs can prescribe off-label and they know they can. If not, your consultant could prescribe or ask for a referral to a gynaecologist who deals specifically with menopause. To be honest, I don’t think it made all that much difference to my libido but that might just be me!! If issues with your libido are not being caused by hormones and are more to do with your disease and your perception if your body, no amount of testosterone will change that. Alison x

Thanks Alison, I will speak to my GP re: everything you said & fingers crossed! I don’t think my lack of libido is down to cc as I still had interest as normal even after my radical hysterectomy even during treatment… It only wained 5/6wks after my chemo/radio when my ovaries finally bit the dust! Anyway, anything is worth a shot!! Desperate times & all that :0) x

I spoke to a consultant at a previous Let’s Meet who recommended Tiblone HRT as it contains a small amount of testosterone. It doesn’t suit everyone though, but might be worth a try.
Louise xx