Hope this story helps some ladies...

Ive just got my biopsies back and am very reliveied to find out its CIN1 with the presence of the wart virus!!!!

I had been having irregular bleeding, pains in my legs (which I now suspect was caused from stress and severe anxiety) I was bleeding 

after sex and on occassions this was quite heavy. I was also concerned that my discharge had become quite heavy. I had been having these

symptoms for about 11 months, my GP refrerred me for a Ovarie ultrasound and this came back normal. With re-occurent bleeding I therefore 

paid privately for a smear test at Marie Curie for £79. I believe that my bleeding was caused by my contraceptive pill. I hope that women 

can read my story and understand that you can have really bad symptoms and its not necessairly CC, but this can be caused by many other problems and if you feel that your

body is 'just not right' always persist with your GP! This forum has really helped me in my journey and I hope that my story will help some others! xx