Abnormal bleeding and really really anxious

Hi everyone - I am hoping you will be able to help me! In 2010 I began to get some post coital bleeding which I went to the doctors about and after swabs for infection was told not to worry. This seemed to clear up, then in autumn last year I began to spot at the end of my monthly cycle. I am on the pill dianette for my skin. The spotting is like a browny discharge and comes pretty much every month a day or two before my last pill. I have been to my GP a couple of times again and again had infection swabs which all came back clear each time and again told not to worry. Because of my age (I am 24) I have never been offered a smear. Even though I am being told not to worry, the truth is I really am and it's in my nature to think the worst. I try to be positive but I get so anxious about my health and with this I don't know what to do. Today I saw a nurse who suggested switching the pill to see if that helps, but I just want someone definitively tell me what is going on because I really feel like it is affecting me in my daily life. That sounds so pathetic because it's just a bit of bleeding, but I have been dealing with this for nearly 3 years now and I am scared? I have also been getting mild twinges in my lower abdomen for about a month that come and go, kind of a shooting or electric shock type of pain. I am not sure if this is me being paranoid but it is frightening me and I can't stop thinking aboushall of the things this could be.


I am writing this because I feel like I don't know who else to talk to about it. I am really sorry if I sound silly as I know there are so many people on here who are going through awful things, but I hope someone can identify with the uncertainty and anxiety I am feeling and offer any kind of helpful words.


Thank you x

Hi Daisychain,


I'm sorry you are having this worry. I suffer from anxiety and know how horrible it is. I have the kind of bleeding you describe (brown spotting) just before my period starts and this is not related to cervical cancer. I also used to have intermittent spotting when I was on the lower-dose pills (dianette and loestren). I still think its worth insisting on a smear, go back to your GP and make a fuss its unacceptable that they don't test you (what's it worth to them to do one poxy smear?!). Failing that I would get my money together and get it down privately, but make sure they to an HPV test as well.. think its around £150 so expensive but not too horrendous.. and somethings, no matter how small the risk are not worth messing with (or making you more anxious for that matter!)


all the best


J xxx

Thanks so much for responding. That someone else can empathise gives me a lot of reassurance and makes me feel less stupid. I actually went ahead and booked a private smear. It was only £80 which is absolutely worth it when I am not getting anywhere with my GP. I am now wondering why I didn't just go ahead and do this years ago! I have requested a smear so many times, at least 6, and think it is ludicrous they have refused when it's obviously distressing me so much. I came away from the doctor last time feeling completely dismissed and embarrassed that I had even bothered going. No doctor should make you feel that way surely? 

Anyway, it is booked and I already feel a bit better for taking matters into my own hands. Having the HPV screening was a lot more expensive so I just went for the straightforward smear - do you think I should definitely have the screening too? 

Thanks so much. x

Hiya, Glad you've sorted it. its probably not worth the hpv screening at the moment as so many young women have HPV and it only hangs around a short time. If it came back positive it could worry you needlessly. They should do an HPV screen when you have an nhs smear in the future. Hope it all goes well.


J x