Ongoing issues! (children mentioned)

Hello ladies, I am new here looking for experiences and advice really.

I am 27 with two children, 5 and 13 months.

I had my first smear test aged 25 and the result came back inconclusive,i was referred for a coloscopy and biopsy. The biopsy was ok, but I was told i had endometriosis possibly due to taking the pill? (I have been taking the pill cerazette since the age of 15 with breaks for having children and also had a coil for a year.)

I then had my second daughter, breastfed unitl she was 7 months then returned to my Cerazette pill.

My periods have been long, heavy, painful and irregular - which i put down to hormones.

My daughter is now 13 months and i saw a GP this week with the above symptoms as well as painful intercourse. Dr arranged a nurse appt the same day and the nurse did a series of swabs, and asked when i was due a smear test. I would be due one in around 8 months, but the nurse said she could see a "cluster of abnormal cells, a polyp that bled heavily when swabbed and a lot of discharge" she said she would really like to do an early smear test on "gut instinct".


I have since been bleeding heavily with clots (possibly period) and have cramps :(

I am now awaiting all rewsults and have been sent for blood tests.

Have any of you ladies experienced similar symptoms and what was the outcome please? Waiting for these results is dragging!


Thanks in advance, all advice appreciated

sophie x

Hi Sophie,

I hope this will raise your spirits a little. Years and years ago when I changed my method of contraception from the pill to the coil my periods got longer, heavier, more painful and less regular.

Many years later, my only symptoms were bleeding during intercourse and a bit of lost bladder control. My diagnosis was stage 2b cervical cancer which had spread a fair distance down my vagina. I did not have painful intercourse and I did not have cramps. From this I would like to think that you haven't got what I had.

Waiting for test results is hell on a stick isn't it!

Be lucky


Hi Tivoli,

Thank you for your reply! And im sorry your diagnosis wasn't as you hoped, hope you are well.

Yes waiting is awful because you start thinking all sorts! 

I know everyone is different but I just thought I could get an idea what is happening down there! 

I think I should perhaps stop taking the pill for a little while,  but will discuss this with GP when I get results ;)

Thanks again, 


Hi Sophie :-)

I am extremely well thank you. Oh I know all about waiting, thinking and the dreadful tricks our minds can play on us. Try to distract yourself until your results come through and then yes, have a good long chat with your GP about what's best for you. I ended up with titanium clips on my tubes, very handy :-)

Go well