Completely Lost

I think im panicing but need advice. 2 years ago I was suffering quite a bit with post sex bleeding and pain so went to the docs who did an internal scan and simply told me my coil was in the right place and said it was probably due to my bf's piercing. A smear was never suggested and i was just left to get on with it. I vaguely remember prior to this that I'd had a slightly abnormal smear but wasnt asked to go any earlier than the usual 3yrs (never knew what smears were about anyway). Had quite a bit of repetitive BV also which I was assured was probably stress related and my hormones being tempremental.

Had a smear in sept which showed severe abnormalities and hpv, colposcopy on 2nd October which showed CIN II, a letz on 27th and am just finishing a course of antibiotics for a subsequent infection after the proceedure. I started my period the day after my letz which was horrific. I usually use tampons so have no idea what a normal amount of blood is. My bleeding stopped last weds and I just had a pale pink discharge and felt constantly damp (sorry if this is too much info). Ever since the proceedure I have had such little energy and now ive started with bright red bleeding again. I started the pill the week before my letz as they said they would remove my coil so unsure if this is contributing to bleeding. To be honest Im wondering why i bothered with the pill as i feel like im never going to have sex again for fear of post bleeding and I think all this has scared the life out of my bf.

 I guess what I'm wondering is whether this is all normal? I never had it explained why I could bleed for up to 4 weeks. Surely if its scabbed over n healing, I shouldnt still be bleeding?

Also am I being paranoid? Its only after reading some posts on here that I've put together the pain and post sex bleeding together with my current circumstances. The wait for these results are awful and I cant think of anything else . I have read so many stories on here which are so much more serioys than this but I dont know who else to ask as doctors seem so technical when I just need it all in honest laymans terms.

Thanks in advance x

hi hun big hug to you i cart relly help you with the llets as i have not had mine yet but did not want to read and run. a week tomoz i have mine i have read that you can bleed up yo 3 t 4 weeks after llets not 100% how true that is and i have been in and out of my docs in the last 2 years more than owt with relly bad pains n hip pain and all they did was gave me painkillers ;( how did you find the llets i am so nervs about mine as i found the colp hard xx

Well here I am 5 years on and another abnormal smear...colposcopy on monday. Deja vu :(